foot tease

  1. gsfcreator

    Not your normal girl-crush: the making of a foot-slave - featuring Ayla Aysel (FJ, FW, chastity)

    4k version here! Hd version here! Watch trailer and follow me on twitter here
  2. gsfcreator

    Irresistible - the foot freak's sin - a full film of foot-seduction, worship and FJ starring Olivia kasady

    OLIVIA KASADY, Gsfcreator ***Special discount sale on the full video!*** Olivia's best friend is about to get married. As beautiful Olivia comes to visit the fiancé, he's not suspecting a thing. that changes quickly, as Olivia Places her feet nonchalantly on his lap. Olivia wastes no time...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Girlfriend Feet

    GIRLFRIEND FEET Do you like when I tease you? When I touch your dick with my feet? Are they cold? Girlfriend feet are always cold. Don't worry, they'll warm up. You may not be into it yet, but within a minute I make your cock hard with my pretty, perfect feet. There's no way you can say no...
  4. Q

    Ball Crushing Foot Tease Part 2

    I continue to crush his dick and balls. For more
  5. Q

    Your Addiction Part 2

    I have come to the conclusion that your an addict. You are completely dependent and addicted to my feet. Go ahead pull your cock out. I'm not complaining, I like knowing how much you worship my feet. I like knowing that your jerking off to my feet, it entertains me. For more...
  6. Q

    My Feet Own You

    Pull your cock out, I want to see it. Don't be shy now start pulling on it. I want to watch it grow for my feet. Today don't bore me! Do you see these feet? They are the only feet your ever going to worship, just mine not another pair. Jerk it nice and slow. My feet own you, they own your cock...
  7. Q


    I have some mistletoe. The rule is you have to kiss whatever is under the mistletoe. So you are going to be kissing my feet, get on your hands and knees and I will show you all the places I want you to kiss. Your going to kiss my toes, my arches and every other inch of my feet. Merry Christmas...
  8. Q

    Cum For My Feet

    Looking at my feet again? I bet your getting hard already. Go ahead and start jerking off, I don't think you will even make it the full five minutes. Keep jerking but go slow, prolong the agony a little. I am going to sit here wigging my toes while you wish you could touch my feet. I think I am...
  9. Q

    Sexy Feet in Flats

    I have been in these flats all day and I know you want nothing more than to smell my feet and my flats while I play with them. You just sit there and look at my sexy high arches while I dangle my flats off of my toes. Maybe even take a close up look at my toe cleavage in my flats. I will sit...
  10. Q

    Its Story Time

    Your going to sit there at my feet while I wiggle my toes. I am going to read you a story about a guy with a foot fetish. Your going to love it. For more
  11. Q

    Your Addiction

    I see you looking at my feet, you can't stop your addicted to them.You love them so much. Your a slave to my feet. You get hard no matter how hard you try and stop it. You belong to me, I own you! You my toy, my pet and your pride belongs to me. I take off my shoes and tell you how my feet...
  12. Q

    Your My Pet

    I know what turns you on, you have a major foot fetish and I am walking on foot fetish gold. I know you love my sexy red toe nails and high heels, I have it all. I have the cutest toes out there. There is no way your not going to get a raging hard on for me. Just look at them you know you want...
  13. Q

    What Shoes To Wear Out

    I need you to help me. I am going out this evening and I am undecided on what shoes I would like to wear out, So I am going to model some shoes for you. I go through five different pairs of shoes. I walk around a little, pose them and put my feet up close so you can really see them well...
  14. Q

    Ass Shaking Foot Tease

    I want you to lay on the floor and watch me shake my ass and tease you with my feet. Go ahead and jerk your little dick while I am teasing you. I know you can't help but cum over and over again, I am to much for you. That isn't going to stop me from talking shit to you for the next 10 minutes...
  15. Q

    Grovel Bitch

    I am just standing in the mirror doing my hair and make up. I will let you look at my feet and ass while I get ready for a date. I love seeing a man at my feet while I am getting ready for another one, what a power trip lol. The whole time I am going to be ignoring you of course, I don't have...
  16. Q

    Cum For My Feet While I Jerk You

    I haven't let him cum in so long he is willing to take it any way I will give it to him. I have been in my flats all day long, so my idea is he has to lay on the floor with my feet in his face while I jerk him off. He is so great full he even licks them, that is so gross lol. At the end he can't...
  17. Q

    Ballbusting Foot Tease

    Close your eyes, keep them closed don't you dare open them. Sniff! You like that? Rub! He rubs and kisses my feet while I use my other foot to kick him in the balls. I switch back and forth between feet kicking him. At one point I am even using both feet to rapid kick him in the balls lol. He...
  18. G

    Candid Video w/ 2 BLK Femme Dommes- KALI & VIXXXEN Cocks are sooo Fucking worthless! Goddess Destroi