1. subby

    news from femdomfoto/feetandshoes and sadoladies

    hello friends, as usual here are the informations and freebies of latest updates in our projects. 1.) we are pleased to present a new very talented whipcracking lady in our team with lady feather! first clip of her is available in our c4s-store! 2.) also a new wonderful shoeplay clip with...
  2. czsole123

    Markétka posing with her big bare feet

    Markétka has not did photo set for some time now at and this is her new one in ages. She wanted to remember her BIG, HUGE feet of size 42/43 EU and her very nice and soft soles. This photo set is composed from multiple favorite poses, featuring Markétka's sexy big feet. Her feet...
  3. subby

    updates from femdomfoto, feetandshoes and sadoladies (140919)

    hi friends, recieved some mails of people missing our posts, so we name our update/freebies-informations here a lil different now. lets see what we have these days! 1.) new special destruction object trampling clip starring iveta in our c4s-store 2.) new whipcracking clip with our queen of...
  4. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (240819)

    including freebies as usual! :) 1.) new wonderful foot/bootfetish clip with sybilla in our c4s-store! 2.) new pov caning clip with lady feather! 3.) new crushing clip with superbeautiful constance! our clips4sale-store 4.) new whipping clip with ella kros in our sadoladies clips store...
  5. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (270719)

    hi friends, these days we have/had: 1.) new classic femdom pov clip with beautiful miss lina in our c4s-store: 2.) new crushing clip with lady feather: 3.) new special weight fetish clip with beautiful iveta! our clips4sale-store 4.) very hard faceslapping clip with mistress kassi in our...
  6. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (200719)

    hi friends, as usual here are latest updates informations from our projects incl. freebies as usual for ya! :) 1.) on our c4s-store we have a new hot whipcracking clip starring our queen of whipcracking whiper! 2.) new hot shoeplay clip with beautiful sibylla! 3.) phantastic new (and...
  7. czsole123

    Goddess Croma new Gallery

    Croma in Prague! Croma is back! And she's now shooting with CzechSoles. We had the honor to have Croma for a shooting one whole day in Prague. While Croma was in Prague we have shot several videos featuring her sexy BIG feet and pretty toes and smiley face. This gallery is a composition of...
  8. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (060719)

    hi friends, here are the weekly information bout latest news and freebies as usual for you :) 1.) new clip with newest mistress lady feather in our c4s-store: 2.) new whipcracking clip with beautiful miss lina! 3.) today a new caning/detention clip with lady iveta! our clips4sale-store...
  9. subby

    updates from femdomproductions and sadoladies (080619) :)

    hi friends, here are (as usual) infos and freebies about latest stuff from us! hope you like em! :) 1.) in our c4s-store we had already a wonderful new worship clip with adorable goddess lady iveta! 2.) also we had a new pov whipcracking clip with beautiful miss lina wearing furs! 3.) today...
  10. subby

    updates from femdomproductions (080519)

    hi friends, latest updates from us are here: 1.) new pov whipcracking clip with miss lina in our c4s-store! 2.) also starting today with very special clips of our ladies destroying air filled big toys. first its up to beautiful sybilla to destroy a bavarian big brezn below her high heels...
  11. subby

    updates from femdom pov clips and sadoladiesclips (clips)

    to prevent from having a too big thread with huge loading time for all the stuff i will now post individual threads for new updates here. so this first may be also very huge as i am still away and there are very very many updates to post, but for the future threads will be then smaller. i will...
  12. MartinTramplingLover

    Czech Trampling Page

    Hi everyone !!! Let me introduce new page of trampling, foot fetish and crushing. Me and my wife likes trampling and everythink about it. We'll be glad to watch you. Every week we add new clips and videos. Our videos can be found here ...
  13. iranlover

    My Wife's Sexy Feet,Legs,Toes And Soles

    She is 38, skinny and pretty.
  14. Marc70

    Katy van Strange zwingt zum riechen!

    The foot slave first has to kiss her shoes and clean her tongue. Then Lady Katy allows the slave to take off her shoes and smell her nylon feet. He should lick her sweaty feet and lick the sweat. It is very greedy for her salty soles. As a reward, he gets the taste of her bare little feet at the...
  15. brazilfeet

    Nerd Bitch Under Nicole Sweaty Feet Of Boots Pt.2

    Nerd Bitch Under Nicole Sweaty Feet Of Boots Pt.2 Hot Domme Nicole receives some very hot and wet licks on her feet and keeps asking for more licking treatment. The movie keeps getting hotter each second and the slave keeps licking Nicole pretty feet making the mighty Goddess very satisfied...
  16. Marc70


    HERE 8 MORE .... which on is your favorite here ??
  17. Marc70

    SEXY LADY ABSINTHIA shows off her black heels and feet!

    Gothic Lady Absinthia shows off her black High Heels ! and and
  18. Marc70


    Miss Briana removes her socks and shows off her bare feet !
  19. B

    My Personal Human Carpet

    NEW on Bizarre Cinema: "My Personal Human Carpet" Found @ Description: Mistress Xena wore Her Doc Martens to crush Her carpet. 1st: Mistress decided to stand on his hands. 2nd: Mistress had Her human carpet shine Her boots, only using his tongue, while Mistress stood...
  20. Marc70

    FORCED to SMELL .... and to lick and to SUCK!!! :D

    Redhead Lady Karo has her salve to her feet as she takes off her sneakers and rubs her stinky, sweaty socks on his face and forces him to smell the sweat of her feet. Lady Karo is a radical, merciless mistress and she knows how to tease a footslave. and...