1. Marc70

    SNIFF ans SWALLOW!!!! pure humiliation!

    Sniff and swallow my old , sweaty socks ! and
  2. Marc70

    * Lick her sexy , young and sweaty feet * MISS SERENA

    Sweet, sexy Miss Serena wants him to kiss her boots to welcome her and after removing her boots she wants him to lick the sweet off her bare feet. She slaps his face with hands and feet and she orders him to lick all off from between her little toes ! (all Femdom Updates)...
  3. Marc70

    SNIFF my sweaty FUZZY SOCKS !!!

    Sweet lesbian Punk Jamie Kaate takes off her boots and places both smelly fuzzy socks on the slaves face. She orders him to breathe trough her stinky , brutal worn socks and he enjoy the sweaty of her feet. and (premium site)
  4. Marc70

    A leashed Footslave has to lick her feet ! (MISS EVANGELINA)

    21 yo.Metal Mistress Evangelina relaxes on the couch, having a drink and wants her leashed footslave to worship her bare feet. She wants him to suck her sweaty toes and to kiss and lick her bare soles. She calls him her dog and laughs about a guy who loves to lick her feet! Footslave Point of...
  5. Marc70

    A GOTHIC QUEEN barefoot in FACE //

    Sexy Gothic Lady Absinthia removes her Doc Martens Boots and starts trample you with her sexy bare feet .Your new world and your end will be under the bare soles of these sexy gothic lady. She love to crush you under her feet and all she wants to see is a little worm like you suffering under...
  6. Marc70

    LICK off my SPIT and my SWEAT!!! (Asian Goddess Vanny)

    Asian Goddess Vanny: " Hey Loser, you will now worship my feet, but not only my feet, you will lick my sweat and my spit off my bare soles now! You are a worthless footslave and you have to lick everything I want from my feet !" and CLIPS4SALE...
  7. Marc70

    EXTREME and so sweet: // Licking a young girls dirty feet :D

    Miss Serena want her footslave on his knees and she has a surprise for him. Today he has to worship her dirty bare feet , to clean her filthy feet with his tongue. What a great honor and the new meaning of life for him... to clean his young mistress dirty feet. and...
  8. Marc70

    THE SPECIAL SMELL ....... forced to sniff their sweat !!!

    THE SPECIAL SMELL ..... forced to sniff their sweaty socks! Pictures VISIT NOW! Pictures VISIT NOW!
  9. Marc70

    " On the FLOOR and kiss my FEET " .... Vanny / an asian GODDESS

    Miss Vanny wants her new slave to get on the floor and to kiss and lick her sexy black heels and after removing them to worship and adore her bare goddess like feet. She wants him to lick her sweaty bare sole again and again until the asian mistress is satisfied with the work of a new...
  10. Marc70

    FORCED to SMELL .... and to lick and to SUCK!!! :D

    Redhead Lady Karo has her salve to her feet as she takes off her sneakers and rubs her stinky, sweaty socks on his face and forces him to smell the sweat of her feet. Lady Karo is a radical, merciless mistress and she knows how to tease a footslave. and...
  11. Marc70

    )) GODDESS VANNYs Footslave (( Enjoy the TIME!

    Goddess Vanny, known from the "The Bachelor" (SUI), allows the footslave today to serve and worship her sexy feet. She lets him star with her black heels, he must lick every inch of her shoes. After that she gives him the honor to take of the heels and to kiss, suck and lick her bare adorable...
  12. Marc70

    // SNIFF and lick my yummy SOCKS //

    Miss Samantha lets him smell and lick her smelly socks and MEMBER PICTURES with 3000 PIXEL resolution
  13. Marc70

    > Some dominant Feet < Like and lick it :D

    Here some feet of our LADIES Like and lick it!
  14. Marc70

    = A Footslave to Lady Samanthas adorable FEET =

    Lady Samantha orders a human footstool to remove her heels and to worship her smelly , warm pantyhose feet. She rubs her sweaty soles on his face and fucks his mouth with her feet covered in black nylons. and (daily updates) C4S...
  15. Marc70

    = MISS Samantha dominates him under her sexy JEANS HIGH HEELS =

    Miss Samantha dominates him under her JEANS HIGH HHELS :D and and
  16. D

    Pay for My vacation loser

    Trailer of My new clip enjoy full clip here
  17. D

    Pay to drink My footwater loser

    watch trailer of My newest findom clip then go buy full 8 minut and beg Me for the best drink in you life
  18. D

    High Heel dangling with Perfect Soles

    here fantastic dangling clip from Goddess with really divine feet
  19. R

    Sabrina's Announcement (FOOTCUCKOLD, FM/M)

    Hi guys, writing a story for the first time, a short one. Not much of a writer, but wanted to try my hand at this. Let me know what you all think. Feedback is appreciated. This story will focus on public humiliation mixed with footcuckolding. I'd like writers to contribute more stories related...
  20. J

    Debby Ryan's Slave

    Hey guys this is my first ever story so please take it easy on me. Part 1 Hello my name is Jack and I'm Debby Ryan's slave. I have been her slave for nearly a year. It all started on my 19th Birthday. I entered a Disney contest for coming up with the best artistic portrait of Debby Ryan...