1. M

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    Footslave Nate needs disapline and training. His ability to follow instructions is lacking desire. If he plans on being a video slave or being a guest on my show he must be broken. I've decided to humilate this bitch by making him suck my black cock and my toes....back and forth, thats right you...
  2. Y

    Forced-bi Adventure - free sample clip!

    This is a video for you, human spittoon, humiliation slut, cum whore. Watch the sample clip here :) "Date in New York" featuring HUMILIATION, SPITTING, FORCED-BI, CUMSHOT is playing at and
  3. Y

    Slutty Scarlet

    Based on a true story of a sub who applied to My stable in hopes of becoming My personal slave. Unfortunately, his little instrument was too little...The only way he could be accepted to the stable was to learn how to be a good slut and make money for Me servicing men. In best traditions of...
  4. MistressRouge

    Master & mistress part three : Fuckslut spit-roast fuck suck

    A great Master and Mistress series, by Mistress Roug'e UK :) MASTER & MISTRESS PART THREE : FUCKSLUT SPIT-ROAST FUCK SUCK Presenting Mistress Roug'e & Master J, in for great enforced Bi/humiliation series. Mistress summons her fuckslut for an afternoon of amusement, also inviting Sir J to...