forced feminization

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    Shrink wrapped sissy,,,

    I just loved doing this shoot with my crossdressing sissy! I wrapped her helpless in shrink wrap with just her cock sticking out, all ready for abuse. After blindfolding her and gagging her I smacked her cock around with my riding crop, pricked it with wooden skewers, teased it with a vacuum and...
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    Bondage sissy whipped,,,

    I've been doing more bondage whipping of my sissy slave Betty! In this one I make my sissy slave lick my boots and use her mouth as an ashtray before tying her up bent over and giving her a good ass whipping! Check out all my forced feminization and...
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    Any crossdresser sissys here?

    Hi, I'm Mistress Deedra, a new femdom here. I specialize in force feminizing my crossdresser sissy Betty. It's a bit like a cross between femdom play, BDSM and humiliation with a crossdresser twist! I don't seem to see any other Mistresses here that do that. Is there anyone here into forced...