1. miami_fa

    The camera guy

    Hi again, trying a new story idea and format. In theory new additions can come in to form of new victims or new punishers. Written from the perspective of the camera guy. The Camera Guy By: Miami_fa One of the local drug dealers in my apartment complex had a unique way of making extra money...
  2. All about the ass

    Never trust online

    This is my first story might not be the best but giving it ago... hope you all enjoy And yes is a true event btw My house mate, his girlfriend and I were chilling at home watching a movie, while watching the movie I was on my phone on a dating site and started talking to this awesome chick...
  3. miami_fa

    Cow-Tipping (SSBBW Smother)

    SSBBW smother story, you've been warned... :) Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Cow-Tipping By: Miami_FA We ran as fast as we could, trying not to look back. We reached a wall and I quickly leaped up and over. I looked back and didn’t see Ted. I climb back to the top of the wall and...
  4. Y

    Forced Facefarting

    Hey I've made a few posts on this website, but lately I've been looking for a little more. I've been looking for good farting video's where the slave doesn't enjoy it. Bondage is a plus, but not necessary. Even POV videos, as long as it's implied that the slave doesn't like it. I love video's...
  5. B

    Freelancer (Facesitting Short Story)

    Freelancer John really hadnt expected anyone to notice his advertisement or take it seriously. He had no skills to speak of and after dropping out of high school it had been really hard to find a job. He got the occasional job serving fries at some chain restaurant or the other, but...
  6. C

    Anyone knows where this video comes from?

    Looks like it's an old video, but in my opinion is one of the besto of this type (forced feet smelling) Here the video: (part1)
  7. S

    Bound Forced Foot Smelling Humiliation

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  8. S

    Forced Nylon Foot Smelling Fight - Smell My Black Feet in my Black Nylons

    Visit our website for more pics and clips!:)
  9. czsole123 Forced to sniff sneakers - POV

    Forced to sniff sneakers - POV Look from first person's view how Summer will make you sniff her smelly sneakers after a day of walking. She will torture you with her feet and socks while you will be hopelessly trying to hold your breath. But you can't hold it forever, she will make you sniff...
  10. czsole123 Forced foot smother

    Forced foot smother It's never a good idea to poke a girl which can beat your ass. Too bad Charlie didn't learned this lesson sooner. Maybe than Michelle wouldn't beat him up and force her big feet on against his face. Well the looser has no chance now he simply has to be at Michelle's feet...
  11. D

    The Mirror (Fictional foot fetish story).

    The Mirror. Chapter 1 of 6. By davidmuleguy. Chapter 1: James just can't help himself – he's a sucker for girls' and women's feet. Twenty-one-year-old James Noble was happily spending his evening where he spent most of his evenings: over at Debbie's, his...
  12. F


    My wife, Rachel, and I had a perfect plan. I was the director of my division in the IT department of fairly large corporation, while my wife, whom I had met three years earlier, was a senior HR rep for the same company. We were both 29 and had been married for one year when we decided we wanted...
  13. M

    MilkedAndBusted Foot Vids, Pics And Freebies

    Foot Gagging Bitch - Featuring Miss Leslee, Nicki Stars, and Amai Liu Check out the trailer here ...
  14. E

    Forced to be My Foot Slave - Clip & Trailer

    If he wants to be my slave he had better learn to real quick how to shine my boots. I am horrified and more than a bit angry about the state of my favorite leather boots. I force him to lick every inch of my boots. I even shove his his head down on the tip of the toe to make him deep throat it...
  15. E

    Welcome Back, Sweaty Flats

    The boots have been put away for the season and as the weather warms up it's time for the flats. The catch about warm weather and flats is how sweaty and smelly they make my feet. Just because these have been packed away all winter does not mean they have lost any of that sweaty smell. I not...
  16. G

    My secret fantasies

  17. Y


    (A page from Paula Patton's diary b4 her days of fame) Times were definitely getting hard and money was getting tight. With a lack of income I had recently made a deal with a local pimp in order to make money. The deal was that in exchange for a portion of the money I would perform sexual...
  18. I

    Forced to worship the feet of my ex gf

    Hey guys, I just registered yesterday, but I was reading some stories in the forumsarchive for a while, so I thought that I'd add one of my experiences. But first I have to say that I'm German and my English isn't that good. So let's get started with a short introduction: We'll call her...
  19. N

    F/F Keira's Demise Part 2

    It's been a week since the incident that happened with Cam. The situation was scaring the hell out of me. I haven't seen Alicia ever since. And I haven't talked to Cam either, but she definitely talks to me, giving me many provocative signals which tells me that she still wants to assault me...
  20. F

    On Your Knee's, Slave!!! (Forced Foot Worship, F/M)

    Nikki’s gorgeous size 7.5 feet need some attention, good thing she has an in-house slave! He isn’t permitted to roam around freely, he must be tied up helpless, and blindfolded of course, he isn’t yet permitted to look at his goddess. She makes good use of him, stuffing her feet in his mouth...