1. subby

    updates from femdomfoto, feetandshoes and sadoladiesclip (021119)

    hi friends, as we were away last weekend for a trip today a "lil" bit more informations bout latest updates in our projects! enjoy freebies as usual! :) 1.) lets go first to our c4s-store with brandnew clips of mistress madeleine in a wonderful boot domination pov clip! 2.) next we had...
  2. A

    Mistress AliceinBondageLand On The Pageist Podcast Interview

    I had a great time doing this interview with the Pageist in the UK. If you're curious about who I am and why I do what I do, this podcast interview is a great place to start! Episode the forty-first; Wherein the Pageist has a...
  3. P

    3 Arabic big trample me new hard FREE video recently put on you tube

    BBW double on my back 1/2 : BBW double on my back 2/2 : BBW double on my stomach :
  4. A

    Put Under By Evil FemDom Doctor - Gas Mask Bubbler Hospital Medical Mistress Now that the gas mask is safely strapped to my patient, I can force him to breathe in whatever I want to. We will choose when, if and what he will breathe...
  5. A

    Behind the Scenes Spanking Threesome Photo/Video Shoot Enjoy this behind the scenes glimpse on the set with Mistress Alice and Mistress Denali as we break in a new slave's bright pink ass with a leather strap...
  6. G

    FREE Foot Fetish Video!

    I'm feeling generous so I made you all a free foot fetish vid. Hope you like it :pbbbbblt:
  7. subby

    UPDATES FROM ---->

    dear ladies and gentlemen, its time again to celebrate a new big jubilee on our majorsite cuz we reached today the next 10000-images-online-frontier! contains now from 12-07-2011: - OVER 30000 CLASS-A-IMAGES, all viewable as single images or downloadable as...
  8. subby

    25000 quality-images now online!!!

    dear friends, time to open a new thread. we added 5000 new fine images to our foot-fetish-site and still think that its one of the fastest ongrowing feet-site available! our stats per january 2011, 22th: - OVER 25000 CLASSY IMAGES! - OVER 1400 OF IT IN HIGH RESOLUTION...
  9. subby

    8000 topimages now on

    ...are available now! -2400 px resolution in 1a top-quality! -all viewable as single image or downloadable as zipfiles! -206 imagesets! -18 extremely beautiful dominant ladies! -2 updates a week! -trial available for 5 days! -only the finest in virtual domination! as usual we want to...
  10. SAS_Jack

    150th Membership competition winners -

    Hi Guys, Thankyou to everyone who submitted ideas/stories for this competition, we received a ton of entries! Unfortunately we only had 5 passes to give away to the best ideas this time, but we will be running another competition in the not to distant future! And on to the Winners...
  11. subby

    20000 qualityimages and more on !!!

    as already announced we made the next big breakthrough today! stats of now: - over 20000 images (incl. 520 highres) !!! - 555 imagesets - all as single view or as zipfiles available !!! - over 347 clips with a total running time of over 28 hours !!! - 71 dominant ladies...
  12. subby

    18000 images, over 300 clips and much more! ...

    dear ladies and gentlemen, phreaks and phreakettes, friends, visitors, guests and members... time to celebrate the next 1000-breakthrough on !!! we offer now: - over 18000 top-images! - 480 in super-high-res-quality! - 502 imagesets! - 307 videoclips with a running-time...
  13. S

    New fart girl TIFFANY!

    Tiffany is so adorable when she plays a game of truth or dare. What you want her to fart??? OK you asked for it!!! She rips sweet young farts through her white cotton panties then she spreads her butt cheeks open wide and blasts more hot farts from her puckered ass hole in your face! She...
  14. S

    Bon Voyage (FREE VIDEO)

    Hey guys, Here is a fun little video I just made today featuring my tiny little man getting pissed on, threatened by a spider, fed to my dog, then sent flying to his death. This is not a sample of a larger video but rather a fun little project I made just for kicks and giggles. It's kinda...
  15. S

    Gassy Buns (FREE Fart Vid)

    Hey guys, Here is a free fart video (8 minutes long) of my Gassy Buns in Your Face!!! Hope you enjoy : )
  16. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Who has Twitter ?

    I just got Twitter the other day and I do tell when I will be on a free cam chat, or traveling or adding new videos or photos so please come by and follow me if your interested! Thanks see below on my sig for that link! And ladies add yours if you want the boys to follow you!
  17. S

    Free Toilet Fart

    Hey guys. . . here is a little clip for you to enjoy. It may not be the biggest fart in the world but it's definitely real : ) Hope you enjoy.
  18. S

    Farting on the Phone (free clip)

    Hey guys, Here is a funny clip of me farting on the phone with my good friend. He also has a fart fetish so I have no problems sharing my gas when ever we talk. Plus he really likes it. Anyway. . . here is the free clip. . . nothing special, nothing fancy. . . just me in my pajamas while I...