full weight facesitting

  1. jkagwen

    RAF: Fat assed SSBBW african women smothering skinny girls.

    Eat the smelly ass or suffocate. Zodwa is an ssbbw woman who doesnt shy of from using her huge ass to dominate smaller college girls. She makes her skinny sub earn her pay by crushing her, riding her face, making her smell and eat her huge ass and also rubbing her ass sweat on her. The videos...
  2. FlattenedOne

    Chaleesi Annihilates Matt with Her Feet & Ass

    Curvy Chaleesi does NOT mess around. Come see her straight up wreck Matt with her feet and ass. She starts out trampling. There's some great POV action, too, that lets you see what it looks like having her powerful frame standing on you. She bounces around on him as if he's a trampoline and even...
  3. FlattenedOne

    Juicy & Thick Facesitting Pass Out!!

    This is what FWP is all about... pushing the envelope. When you're dealing with a woman who's 630+ lbs and aggressive... plus her 260 lb sister... pushing the envelope comes naturally. In this video you'll see Juicy and Thick FULL WEIGHT forward facesit Matt as he lies back against the sofa...
  4. SAS_Jack

    Loser Get's Facesat - Shay Hendrix (Sitandsmother.com)

    Hi guys, Just a few video grabs from a recent update in the sitandsmother.com members section. It stars our welsh Mistress Shay facesitting a hapless electrician to get what she wants. She puts him to the test and looks mighty fine doing it :) Enjoy Cheers Guys! Jack
  5. FlattenedOne

    Felicity's Heavy Snack

    Felicity LOVES to make guys struggle under her feet and ass. She also LOVES to eat. While she's currently the smallest model on FWP, she loves the idea of growing her curves. In her mind, more curves means more firing power when she's on top of someone. She has Matt lie on the board and does...
  6. FlattenedOne

    Felicity's Extreme Bound Hard Surface Facesitting

    In this video, looking thicker than ever, Felicity facesits and smothers Matt on the hard floor. Given the fact that he's bound, there are points in time where he's forced to struggle to get his face turned to capture oxygen. And even still, Felicity just sits there on the side of his head and...
  7. SAS_Jack

    Fullweight in Pantyhose - Shay (Pics and Clip) - Sitandsmother.com

    Hi Guys, I come bearing pics and a trailer from a recent update in the SitandSmother.com members section. They star our resident blonde beauty Shay and features the heaviest facesitting Shay has done anywhere! You can really feel the Pantyhose (or to us Brits - tights) grinding on his face and...
  8. B

    BBW Facehumpers NEW UPDATE! Panterra's BIG ASS Engulfs Slaves Head!

    Hi guys, BBW FaceHumpers has a brand new, EXCLUSIVE update of the domineering and beautiful La Panterra Negra. She surrounds her slaves head and body with her huge booty wrapped in tight jeans. She makes him sniff her ass and pussy while she pounds his head and only allows him to breath when...
  9. B

    Nicole Full Weight FaceSits/Queening

    Hey guys, So I came home one evening and my friend here decided to talk back to me! The nerve of him ruining my wonderful day! So I decided to teach him a little lesson in humility and holding his tongue! I sat on his face until he was gasping for air! Grinding, sliding... all lubed up...