1. AstroDomina

    Cinematic Rope Bondage videos by AstroDomina

    I have some really cool new bondage videos out with some sexy co-stars. If you haven't seen or heard, I was down in Los Angeles in January to shoot with Abella Danger, the up and coming porn star who won a bunch of awards this year at Xbiz and AEE. We shot a ton of cool content which is now live...
  2. N

    New bondage clip with facial distortion & nipple clamps

    Nikki spread open with a distortion gag & at the end tortured by nipple clamps that causes her great distress! And many more bondage and bdsm clips at my clips store Nikki
  3. M

    Mistress Alicia Loves Ball Torture!!!

    Watch Me Kick and Crush My slave's Cock and Balls. He is tied spread eagle and there is nothing to stop Me! I am going to Squeeze, Kick, Slap, and Knee his Balls till he's begging for Mercy through his Gag, but even that won't stop Me!!! I love to watch a slave Suffer For My Amusement And...
  4. M

    Gagged Blindfolded And CockCrushed By Mistress Alicia

    Gagged Blindfolded And CockCrushed By Mistress Alicia I love Heavy Cock And Ball Torture. It's so much fun to break my slave in. My Slave is bound spread eagle, Gagged to shut him up, and about to learn exactly how sadistic I am. I Love Crushing Cock and Balls in between My sexy Stilettos...
  5. BBW Mistress Victoria

    added a new video Off topic

    But since it is off topic I will only add the url to the correct discussion area isnt face sitting but a lot of my fans are BBW Lovers this one is bondage and torture only go if you enjoy that kind of thing thanks V
  6. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Baggage Cart Bondage Part 1

    Captured and bound to a baggage cart in a hotel room, Watch as he is gagged hooded then tormented with clothes pins ! Check out my Newest clip here
  7. slaveandy

    Whitney Morgan Foot Smell/Worship

    Whitney Morgan has duct taped Slave Andy's mouth shut to ensure he is smelling nothing but her intense foot stink. When she's satisfied he has gotten his fill of her stench she rips the duct tape off and makes him lick and kiss her sweaty bare feet. Finally, she forces him to get one last whiff...
  8. MistressRouge

    The Prisoners Reprisal Part One: Nurse Bound & Gagged.

    Added to my clipstore :) The Prisoners Reprisal Part One: Nurse Bound & Gagged. The intruder enters the Torture Clinic, hoping to find the torture nurse and Mistress Roug'e present. He has some sexual desires to re-enact, and plans to ambush them as he breaks and enters the facility. Finding...
  9. A

    Mouth taped shut?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I was wondering if anybody had pics or videos of someone getting sat on while their mouth is sealed shut. It is my favorite kind of facesitting and it seems like I rarely see it. I appreciate any contributions.