1. K

    Let's play a game - Lick or Seat!

    Would you rather be "free" to lick and worship, or restrained and punished by these asses? Feel free to post all the yummy asses you find out there.
  2. M

    New Amazon Goddess Candy Lane's Man Eating Asses - Forced Ejaculation Games

    Shackled and made to watch as one of their buddies gets POUNDED and BEATEN DOWN by the beautiful and BRUTAL AMAZON GODDESS, KENDALL contestants have no choice, but to pound away at their cocks in this nasty race to avoid the inevitable DIRTY DEMISE that will ultimately be the VICIOUS ANAL V O R...
  3. B

    Farting High Card Contest

    Two new Porn stars in bikinis having a Fart Contest, gambling, laughing, farting and loving every minute of it. This game has it consequences, and that really stinks!!!!! Check out the brunettes second to last fart. The Blonde has a great Big Butt! A lot of in the face farts...
  4. T

    What do you think first timer

    Hi everyone, I just recently told my girlfriend about my facesitting fetish after wanting to have it happen to me for many years, but was to afriad to ever ask one of my relationship partners to try it for me. Since I have more feelings for this girl then anyone before, I said what the heck. To...