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  1. AATBxxx

    "Boot Doom" A Tale Of Giantess Miss Roper

    New today on MISSROPER.COM. Edited by Bratty Foot Girls, one of the biggest names in Giantess video production! *Featuring SFX audio, POV & third person camera angles, anal vore, unaware & aware crush, breast crush, shoe crush, crush, and a rather unique crush that you'll have to purchase to...
  2. AATBxxx

    Miss Roper's Vore Slave

    This is a custom video order, with no specific name used. To commission your own, email raquel roper xxx @ gmail . com *remove all the spaces. Customer's Concept/Script: "Hi -I absolutely love your vore videos and wanted to request a 10 minute custom video. Here is the scenario: I came over...
  3. AATBxxx

    Crushing The Perverted Escapee - ASS CRUSH GIANTESS!

    CLIP FEATURES SOUND EFFECTS: booming stomps, drops & foot steps / squish / racing heart beat! Though I primarily focus on Vore due to my own personal interests and fetish, I LOVE exploring deeper into my giantess fantasies and bringing new concepts and angles to life. Storyline: You thought...
  4. AATBxxx

    Naomi Swann & Miss Raquel Roper - Devouring The Help

    This is Naomi Swann's FIRST EVER Vore focused Giantess release, which is something I know you all have been requesting to see her featured in. This video also includes bubbling, gurgling digestive sounds that pull you into the very depths of these two Giantess Goddess's growling stomachs. --->...
  5. AATBxxx

    Raquel Roper's HOTTEST selling VORE release yet!

    In only 2 days since it's release, this clip is quickly climbing it's way into the ranks on the overall top 50 on C4S! Making itself one of my fastest, highest selling releases to date that I've featured on MISSROPER.COM. "Vacation Vore: Savoring An AVN Snack" was filmed at the Hard Rock Hotel...
  6. AATBxxx

    From Fan To Food Ft. Miss Roper & Stella Liberty

    MISSROPER.COM presents... "From Fan To Food Ft. Miss Roper & Stella Liberty" This clip features recorded stomach/digestive noises, gulps/swallows, lots of tongue & saliva play, belly, throat, & exposing Uvula mouth shots! A Vore Giantess fetishist wet dream (literally... ) During AVN my...
  7. AstroDomina

    New Vore video with human snack!

    Hi Tiny, Just a quick message to let you know I have released a new Human Snack video. It's called "Final Destination for Tiny", here's the description: You can't even tell how long you've been in Sydney's snack bag. All you can do is watch the Giantess come down the stairs,find her snack...
  8. Zonda

    Giantess Violeta Enjoys Hurting You HD

    Giantess Violeta Enjoys Hurting You HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Look what Latina Giantess Violeta found, a nasty little insect running across her floor again. She has seen you trying to hide, but you should know that you cant get away from a Latina Giantess Goddess like her. She is tired of...
  9. Zonda

    Giantess Isabel Crushes The Worm You Are HD

    Giantess Isabel Crushes The Worm You Are HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latina Giantess Isabel is PERFECT! You're just a pathetic insect! She is back, little bug man! Your Latina Giantess Goddess is here for you to worship. Bow before her statuesque glory, grovel at the toe of her massive cork...
  10. M

    GIANTESS KATIE (News & Updates)

    Check out the new releases at Giantess Katie. I have finally gotten my hands on a HD top of the range camcorder and begun making Giantess videos again. I have two new clips "The hunger" and "The Transformation", and more soon to come. Both of these new clips deal with growth, from a normal...
  11. N

    Nikki Sebastian's Giantess Barefoot Crushing POV

    Giantess Nikki sees tiny little you scurrying on the floor POV style. She tells you not to run, that she just wants to play, but then she decides to start stepping on you over and over, while laughing, until you are crushed into nothing!!
  12. P

    Cum In my pants
  13. G

    Ebony Giantess Mind FUCK- SHRINKING Visual HYPNO

    Keep your eyes focused on the screen and take in my message. You will find yourself dwindling down with each word getting lost in the shadow of my powerful FOOT crashing down. A Hypnotic Erotic Creative Expression Enjoy the TRIP and be thankful for the MIND SHRINK...
  14. G


    [COLOR="Red"][SIZE="5"][FONT="Book Antiqua"]New Trample SITE Catering to EBONY SOLES Free Membership/Free Clips/POV, Goddess Soles Gallery Download Clip Below Get a Sneak Peek of What to Expect from a Dominant...
  15. G

    New TRAMPLE SITE LAUNCH-Daily Clips FREE Membership

    I'm pleased to announce a NEW Location New WEBSITE, a far more sinister alter ego and an intimate view of what goes on in my personal life with my PLAY TOYS. The new site will launch 8/1/10. As a special Gift to all my loyal PETS I will be giving FREE Memberships to all who surrender to my...
  16. G

    I think it's time you " grow " up!

    I love being a growth and Giantess model. Growing is so awesome, Wanting to try breast expansion maybe.... Giantess Naomi Growth Naomi
  17. G

    Ebony Giantess Goddess Destroi crushes little man PEEP Freak!

    Full Clip on Available on my new store Check out the snippet and how he gets punished with the crush force of my powerful thick thighs. He does not stand a chance. Here is a FREE snippet
  18. ausguy25

    SCF and Baunfire Crush you under bare feet POV!

    Sweet Cherry Feet and Baunfire stumble across a tiny man and start playfully teasing him with their giant barefeet! Will they let him live or crush him?? watch and see! Get it now on or FREE VIDEO PREVIEW...