giantess w/sound effects

  1. AstroDomina

    New Giantess SFX video: GIANTESS HULK!

    FINALLY, that's all I can say. I've been working on this video for months now, and it's finally finished. I hope you guys will love it. It's already the #1 video in the Clips4Sale Giantess Special Effects category. I hope we can keep it there for a while. In this video, there is growth...
  2. Y

    Destroyed City

    Part 1 Giantess Yuliya brings home her best friend - Giantess Sara to show a tiny city full of 1inch people. Yuliya is very proud of her creation and tells Sara how much she likes to tower above the city, observing their daily routine. She finds it entertaining, she says. Giantess Sara comments...