1. M

    226 Farts! Claire farting compilation put together from 9 fart vids

    Polite Reminder Please arrange for a “BANNER” link back to MDFF’s on all of the C4S/stores/websites you own/run/promote - thanks in advance. The MDFF’s banner can be “lifted” from the MDFF’s home page. Also, updates must include at least one reasonable quality image - links only are not...
  2. M

    Loud Stinky Farts and Severe Gas Pain Before Bed

    Content deleted. "Updates must be accompanied by at least one photo. Threads/postings consisting of nothing but a posting of link(s) to material is not allowed." bfrug (moderator). .
  3. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Gorgeous Feet Worship Slave Girl

    Bratty girl Emily forces slave girl Linda to worship feet and sandals. Emily has big strong feet 10US. She wears her sexy leather gladiator sandals. Slave girl kisses and licks Emily long toes in open sandals. Then Emily makes slave girl to lick dirt from bottoms of her sandals. Unpleasantly for...
  4. UnderGiantessFeet

    Little Lucy Licks Sweat And Dirt

    New sexy and young model – Lexie. She humiliates little slave girl Lucy. First, she forces Lucy to lick dirty sneakers. Lexie came to shoot in these sneakers and bottoms of her shoes very dirty. So, slave girl must clean them with her tongue. Then Lexie makes slave girl to sniff sweaty bare...
  5. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Dirty Feet 10US First Time For Slave Girl

    Brutal redhead girl Lorena forces slave girl to clean dirty feet. She walked barefoot and now her soles very dirty. Lorena has big feet 10US size with long toes. Poor slave girl Lucy must lick and clean all dirt from Lorena’s big soles. This is new level of humiliation for slave girl Lucy. Look...
  6. G

    Searching For a Story...

    heels are a turn off, i like girly girls dominating men... anybody got a story or somethin'? A clip?
  7. M

    New Fart Videos!

    I just wanted to let you guys know that I have recently filmed two awesome fart videos. In the first one I was having a reaction to lactose intolerance from drinking a large latte, and in the second one I had awful gas after eating a rotisserie chicken and a tub of egg salad. I always fart a lot...
  8. UnderGiantessFeet

    Dirty Feet For Dirty Whore 4K

    Nikki has very dirty feet. She forces slavegirl to clean them. It is hard work for slavegirl because Nikki’s soles extremely filthy. She tries to lick all disgusting filth and choked with dirt and saliva. Nikki wipes her dirty feet on slave’s face and makes face absolutely dirty. Slavegirl looks...
  9. S

    Supers Whitney and Sydney Facesit Smother Criminal Andy

    Superheroines Smother Evil Doer Slave Andy Superheroines, Whitney Morgan and Sydney Screams have captured criminal at large, Slave Andy, who has been groping unsuspecting women. The two powerful women will have no part of it! Instead of traditional punishment tactics, the superheroines decide...
  10. T

    The most awesome manga and 3D female fighters f/f and f/m

    Hello friends this is my first contribution to the community, I hope you like it: ;)
  11. N

    i'm trampled

    a bioutifoul black is trampling me then i was her poney
  12. slaveandy

    Goddess' Smelly Sock Torture

    Goddess Elizabeth has been waiting for this day for almost a month, her chance to take her crack at Slave Andy. She has prepped a pair of cute ankle socks for a FULL WEEK in her famous Adidas stink makers. She forces Slave Andy to inhale her stink hoping to ensure he smells her scent for days to...
  13. F

    A favour:)

    Hi guys:) I do not know if I will offer private sessions, but its something to think about. Could you guys please do me a favour?, please go to my yoga site and click on the ads, It helps me make a little extra cash. I promise to have some trample pics...
  14. S

    Lexi Lee meets Kelsie Cummings

    THIS MONTH we have another match made in hell! LEXI LEE and KELSIE CUMMINGS IN ONE HOT EROTIC SEXY HELL OF A TICKLEPORN VIDEO Fist Lexi Lee gets to tickle/torture Kelsie and vibrate her until a few orgasms. Then is payback time and Kelsie tortures Lexi and vibrates her until orgasms...