girls farting

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    FREE VIDEO: Hot Farts in Tight Leggings- 6 second fart!

    Oh dear!!! Some massive blasters: Plus a free sample here:
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    DANGER ZONE Farts!

    Not sure if the next one will be an accident or not! ;) Lots of farts in each scene, such horrible gas today fellas! hehehe <3 :monkey:
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    Peteuse is on Chaturbate NOW SUNDAY 27 July

    Hi kids, Happy Sunday! I am a little sick so cooped up in the house on this fine summer day :O( So I thought to play around on Chaturbate, I never tried it before! So come visit me and chat. My brain is going to explode being stuck in the house booooo. My user name is littlejackie hugs!
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    FREE SAMPLE: Peteuse HOT Melted Cheese Summer Farts

    Full clip available here: Thank you for being such nice fans! *hug* Peteuse
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    BIG Morning Gas!!!

    Good day fartlovers!!! Full video at Oh fartboi, wouldn't you love to be there with me when my loud morning girl farts come out? Yep, pretty much every morning I am ripping lots of big stinky farts after I wake up and start my day. Come on and join me for a sexxxy gassy...
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    Peteuse Farts in Your Face!

    Have fun! Full clip available on my website Now accepting Mastercard, in addition to Visa, Maestro, & Diner's Club. Contact me for PP payment or European bank transfer. Thank you guys!!!
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    Mega-long Huge Jean Farts!

    Hi everyone, I hope your spring is going great! Here is a free sample from my video 'Jeans Jeans Jeans' available at FREE CLIP: I think I busted an O-ring with all those loud farts! :P
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    Fart Madness! Free Peteuse Video

    I hope you like my big bassy grinder fart in my sharknado leggings! :O) Get your face ready! hehehe
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    Fartin' It Up with My Sis, Babushka...coming soon!

    Hey fartaholics! I'm in the USA currently visiting my gassy sister Babushka until March 20th! We've got a fart party coming up with her cute gassy friend, so we will for sure be sharing new videos on my website! Also I am still in the very slow process of adding all my videos to...
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    Farting in front of my boyfriend :/

    Enjoy the free video! -Peteuse :fart:
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    Spread open and farting like a mutt

    Watch as we spread open Jesmi an 18 yr old hand full of asshole fun. She stretches open her tight pink asshole to let all her bad air explode out of that dirty little asshole. Listen to those wet farts rip and enjoy every moment of pure asshole farting action. A must see clip to believe girls...
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    7 days PLUS of consumption

    :matey: I've been adding lots more clips to my store
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    3 Girls Farting in Vegas (FREE VIDEO)

    Hey guys, Thank you so much for being so nice and supportive on this forum. I appreciate all your compliments, kind words, and just being so appreciative to everything I post. Here is a free video taken while I was farting in Las Vegas with my friends. Not a whole lot of farts but the footage...