goddess brianna

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    Young Couple Owned

    *This ended up being one of my best selling clips on Clips4sale. Planning to do many more with young submissive girls. Brianna had allowed Blake to stay at the house while her son was abroad for the summer, but there were rules that he must follow. One of the rules is no girls at the...
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    After Hours

    Goddess Brianna doesn’t like it when her employees don’t do their jobs. Those that defy her authorizes are punished and trained to be obedient. It’s after 6pm and everyone else has gone home for the day. She straps her disobedient employees head to the ceiling, secures the ball shocker...
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    Foot Slave Drowning

    I was having a nice relaxing day by the pool and requested my slave to bring me a glass of champaign. This clumsy slave spilled it on me. I have no tolerance for clumsiness from my slaves. This foot bitch is going to understand how important presision in serving me is. I pushed him in the pool...
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    Live Foot Domination with Goddess Brianna

    Show Date: February 18, 2011 All virtual foot slave should be on their knees presenting their collars to me right now. From the moment I instruct you to put your collar on, I own you. You will do as I command and my pleasure comes first. Understood? The proper response is, "Yes...
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    Shocking Cuckhold Footjob

    I had a lunch meeting with some colleagues of mine and ran into peter at the restaurant afterwords. He had been staring at my silky thigh high stockings the whole time. I could tell he was getting aroused because his huge cock was poking through hit pants. My slave at home doesn't have a cock as...
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    Pushing footslave to his trampling limits

    For me to find the best fetishists and subservient slaves for my live show I need to find out were the slaves limits are. I want to know what is going to break them, were they just can't take anymore. If that impresses me, then I might consider inviting them to be a guest on my live show...
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    Goddess Brianna Forces Slaves to clean her feet

    Title: Human Mud Vacuum I have just come in from tending my flower garden and my feet are covered with mud. I don't want mud all over the house so I use my human mud flap to clean this muddy mess from his goddesses feet. He is required to do a thorough cleaning and swallow it down. Once he's...
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    Sissy Footslave Cleans Food off my Heals

    Sissy Footslave Taylor thought she was going to cook me a nice dinner. Although she is a sloppy, sloppy cook. When I entered the kitchen I almost slipped and fell on some tomato sauce that was spilled on the floor. In the process my shoes were covered in tomato sauce...my nice shoes! This sissy...
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    Foot Fetish Friday Live Broadcast with Goddess Megan Jones

    The December 10th Live Show with Mistress Megan was great. Our Live Our viewers were very obediant and followed your mistresses instructions. We teased them with our thigh high stockings as she removed them from my legs and stuck them in their mouth. Then we did a great POV trampling shot...
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    Suck my cock and my toes filthy footslut

    Footslave Nate needs disapline and training. His ability to follow instructions is lacking desire. If he plans on being a video slave or being a guest on my show he must be broken. I've decided to humilate this bitch by making him suck my black cock and my toes....back and forth, thats right you...
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    Boot Trampling Footslave Nate

    I'm planning a footslave party with my other mistress girlfriends and I needed to make a few phone calls. Unfortunately, I had a this footslave still at my house and under my feet constantly. I figured I could just amuse myself while standing on him and jumping on him while I make my calls.
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    Forced Boot Worship

    Footslave Nate didn't seam to get the picture when I was piercing his tongue with my boot heal. So, I use a dental device to force his mouth open while I shove my boot heal into his mouth gagging him with it. He needs to work on that gag reflex.
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    Mistress Megan Jones on BriannaBeachLive.com

    Last weeks show was a special night. Our live audience was collared by Goddess Megan Jones and myself only. My guest footslave didn't show up (he will be delt with later). So, this was your lucky night. Two beautiful goddesses myself and Goddess Megan Jones all to yourselves. I wasn't sure...