goddess soles

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    soles on throat

    Standing on his throat. I had cold feet after the shower. I asked my sub "please lay under my soles"! . While I was taking care of my hair, I put one foot on his throat, of course. Above my hair down the foot care. The 50yo mature goddess, so lovely but no mercy for men hope you like it...
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    2 Ebony Giantess & Our tiny Foot Cushion POV/ FREE 4 min clip

    Candid Clip- 2 barefoot Ebony Giantess Clipstore Premiere. Men are so fucking small in my WORLD! Myself and Arianna ignore tiny Larry and pass his meaningless body around with our feet while not even acknowledging his worthless existence. Long Pink Toenails,Barefeet,Dirty, Ebony Soles...