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    Bratty Pink Fishnets Trample

    Bratty Blonde in Pink fishnets and string bikini dominates Alix with her sexy red toes. She slaps his face with her feet and tramples his dumb ass. She laughs down at him mocking him while she walks all over his chest with her sexy red toenails digging into his neck and chest. She uses him like...
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    Deadly Domme

    Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax is Deadly Domme. She's "Deadly Domme" a female assassin who gets her kicks from liquidating her victims. Choking, smothering and hand over mouth smother are a few of her very favorite weapons. Black glove smothering seems to be especially delicious on her menu of...
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    Bratty Girl Adriana

    Bratty Girl Adriana Santos demands "Smell my feet bitch, Like these on your face she laughs." She presses both feet against his face under his nose wiggling her toes. I'm going to rub my smelly feet all over your dick. Your dick 's going to smell like my stinky feet she giggles. Bratty Adriana...
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    Deadly Domme

    A superheroine from the darkside comes our way. An assassin from the women's defense leaugue called "The Firm". She's "Deadly Domme" a female assassin who gets her kicks from liquidating her victims. Choking, smothering and hand over mouth smother are a few of her very favorite weapons. Black...
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    Trampled under Silver Heels

    Ebony Femdom GoddessMax has a new pair of heels to tryout. Goddess carpet slave needs a fix. He's been without a shoe worship and trampling session in quite awhile. He begs his Goddess to be under her new silver heel shoes. To have his nipples crushed under her heels and have her heels dig into...
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    Carpet Slave

    After having been smothered under Ashley Fires gorgeous ass it was Alix's idea to find out what it would be like to be trampled by Ashley. The thought of having Ashley step on and trample him with her shoes was exciting. He wanted to feel her sexy body walking on him and stepping on his chest...
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    Worship My Pantyhose Bitches

    "Get busy bitch and worship my pantyhose. I need satisfaction and I need it NOW!! I need to be worshipped. Kiss and worship my pantyhose thighs and feet. Work your way down my ebony thighs and lick my perfect ebony feet. Only a privileged few are ever allowed to do this. To get this close to my...
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    Ballbusting Divas

    Now that Goddess D'VA has her sexy red boots on she teams up with ebony dominatrix GoddessMax and the two of them step on and crush her slaves balls with their thigh high red boots. They take turns crushing his balls under their boots laughing at his pain...
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    Foot Slave Training

    Ebony dominatrix GoddessMax sits in her chair waiting for her foot slave so that she can have her sexy ebony toes and feet worshipped. Get those toes sucked and licked and shove her feet down his throat and make him a real foot slave. Her feet are all sweaty from an all day shopping spree and...
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    Ebony femdom ass worship

    Ebony dominatrix GoddessMax forces her slave to worship her gorgeous round ass which is encased in sexy black fishnets. Get to work on that ass she commands, I want you to worship my ass and put that tongue to good use. Forced Ass worship by GoddessMax...
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    Free clip Black Glove Handsmother

    Preview clip of Ebony Dominatrix GoddessMax in long black satin gloves handsmothering a victim while he thrashes about in a chair. http://www.goddessmax.com/preview/preview-070610a.wmv http://www.goddessmax.com/flash/preview/preview.htm
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    Ebony FemDom slave training

    Your favorite ebony dominatrix GoddessMax can't wait to get her hands on you for some abuse. Beatings, smothering, ballbusting, forced orgasms are all things she enjoys. Worship her in these clips. http://www.goddessmax.com/promo/maxpromo05-b.htm
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    Ebony upskirt POV clips

    There you are on your knees as I am getting ready peeking at my sexy yummy ASS under my skirt. I see you!!! Come one and get a full dose of this ASS! http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/35172
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    Need male victims for spanking Videos

    Ebony femdom GoddessMax is looking for a few good men to take hard spankings for videos in Los Angeles. Hard handspankings, paddlings, and whoever wants to take a cane is encouraged to apply. These will be for our "Governess" series with Domina Payne as "The Governess" dishing out pain to unruly...
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    Punished by Max Payne

    Nothing like getting your balls crushed or being man handled by this ebony domme. Domina Max Payne loves CBT and beatdowns. Video previews: http://www.goddessmax.com/promo/maxpromo02.htm Photos and video page courtesy of GoddessMax.com