1. gsfcreator

    Maya's edging card game (Long feet joi)

    "Mmmm...My enthusiastic little foot-slave! are you ready to play an extreme edging game with me? *laughs* a prolonged game to determine...if and when you cum...? what rewards you get...what torture...? I know you're really excited to see what color of pedicure I have...If my feet are clean or...
  2. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Sexy Gothic Boots Bitch

    New model – strict gothic lady Mary. She forces slave girl Linda to lick her sexy gothic leather boots. Linda licks all places of Mary’s sexy boots. She deeply sucks dangerous high heels and licks bottoms of boots. It seems she likes it. In the end, Mary orders to take off her boots and makes...
  3. UnderGiantessFeet

    Slut Suffers Under My Feet

    Hot Goth girl Alyson tramples obedient slave girl Linda. Alyson has nice feet with black nail polish. She tramples slave's little belly and her tits. Alyson makes slave girl to kiss and suck her feet and toes. Then she smashes her poor face under foot. Also, Alyson spits right in to slave's...
  4. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Dirty Feet Nerd

    Alyson has very dirty feet, so she calls her nerd friend. She knows about his foot addiction. Alyson is brutal Goth girl and she hates losers and nerds like this guy. She does not miss a chance to humiliate him. She gives to this nerd a chance to clean her dirty soles with his tongue. Also...
  5. slaveandy

    Dixie Comet's First Time Ballbusting

    We have done it again! We have taken someones ballbusting virginity. Miss Dixie Comet is a professional switch but has yet to just rear back and kick someone in the balls. You would not think it was her first time with how expertly placed her kicks are. On top of that, she grabs/squeezes and...
  6. slaveandy

    Caroline's Ass Leaves You Breathless

    Caroline Pierce has done about everything to slave andy from ballbusting to being her foot stool. Now she's going to see how he likes to be smothered and have his every breath controlled by her from under her famous voluptuous ass. FREE TRAILER...
  7. slaveandy

    Nylon Trampling

    Oh this new slaves torture is far from complete. Mistress Caroline has kicked his nuts and had him at her feet. Now she wants to see if he can handle a good trampling. If he takes it well, he'll get to experience some new and more exciting forms of torture. If he doesn't, she will train him to...
  8. M

    Girls with tattoos

    Straightup badass tattooed face riders. Lots more to come... Kitty Core
  9. slaveandy

    Worship the Feet that Beat Your Nuts (Caroline Pierce)

    Mistress Caroline Pierce demands that her now found toy show proper respect fot her boots and feet after breaking him with a wicked ballbusting session. She makes the boy lick the bottom of her boots clean. When the boots come off she makes the boy smell the stench from her boots before using...