1. Marc70


    Gothic Goddess Lady Absinthia loves to watch guys licking her feet. She removes her boots and orders the footslave to lick and sniff her black sweaty socks , before he is ordered to lick her bare smelly feet over and over. She wants him to clean her soles and to suck her toes and she enjoy the...
  2. Marc70

    * SWALLOW my SPIT and LICK my FEET * (gothic queen Absinthia) *

    Before he ist allowed to worship her bare feet , Mistress Absinthia spits on her Doc Martens Boots and orders him to lick it off , to clean her boots with his tongue and with the spit of a goddess. After that she removes her boots and wants the footslave to lick her spit of her bare feet. She...
  3. Marc70

    Smothered under gothic feet - (LADY ABSINTHIA) -

    Gothic Mistress Absinthia removes her Doc Martens boots and presses her sweaty bare feet on the face of her victim. She will now smother him under her moist bare soles and she enjoy it to tease people under her weight and feet! “Sniff my sweaty feet and the suffer under my bare soles !” Sex...
  4. Marc70

    SEXY LADY ABSINTHIA shows off her black heels and feet!

    Gothic Lady Absinthia shows off her black High Heels ! and and
  5. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Sexy Gothic Boots Bitch

    New model – strict gothic lady Mary. She forces slave girl Linda to lick her sexy gothic leather boots. Linda licks all places of Mary’s sexy boots. She deeply sucks dangerous high heels and licks bottoms of boots. It seems she likes it. In the end, Mary orders to take off her boots and makes...
  6. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lick My Dirty Feet Nerd

    Alyson has very dirty feet, so she calls her nerd friend. She knows about his foot addiction. Alyson is brutal Goth girl and she hates losers and nerds like this guy. She does not miss a chance to humiliate him. She gives to this nerd a chance to clean her dirty soles with his tongue. Also...
  7. UnderGiantessFeet

    Dirty Gothic Boots 4K

    Dirty Gothic Boots Licking (Part 1) Brutal gothic girl Alyson forces to lick her dirty boots. She was walking through the mud and puddles and now her brutal boots extremely dirty. Unfortunately for the slave he must eat all the dirt from bottoms of boots, or he will be punished. It is an...
  8. B

    Pleasure Me Slave

    Pleasure me slave. Those words strike both delight and fear in my slaves eyes. He will have the pleasure of licking me to climax, but he knows he will be whipped while doing so. I can't help it, I love to whip my pet while he licks me Pleasure for me, pain for my slave, as it should be. Now...
  9. B

    My Mouth - Smoking

    I get requests all the time for clips that focus on my mouth. You little sluts seem to love to watch me smoke. Well I'm feeling generous today so here you go, this clip focuses on my mouth as I enjoy a cigarette.
  10. B

    Eyes On My Ass

    Ok ass sluts, buy this clip and stare at my ass all you want. You can stroke while dreaming about kissing my ass, but do not orgasm. Keep yourself on the edge and imagine how lovely my ass must smell. Dream on slaves, only my personal slaves get that privilege in person...
  11. B

    Lick My Armpit Stink

    "Thank you Mistress", that's exactly what I want to hear when I tell my slave to lick the sweat off my armpits. Lick them clean and inhale my scent, breathe me in. Good doggie.
  12. B

    Feet For Him

    The privilege of licking my feet is one that has to be earned. Seeing that my maid slave did most of his chores, I guess I'll let him lick the bottom of my feet clean. Maybe he'll even get to suck my toes.
  13. B

    Buy Me Stuff

    Open up your wallets my loyal slaves, it's time for you to spend your hard earned money on me. That's why you work your sad job all day, to come home and buy me stuff. Gothic clothing, shoes, fetish toys, there's lots of gifts that I love, and I expect to get some from my loyal slaves. In this...
  14. B

    May I Cum Mistress? Day 3

    You've been waiting for me haven't you? It's been three days since I last let you out of chastity. Poor thing haha. I've climaxed so many times these past three days, and you've been locked up. That's how I like my men, locked up, horny and desperate for release while I have climax after climax...
  15. B

    May I Cum Mistress? Day 1

    I like to have control of the male orgasm, and I've now decided to control yours. From now on you will be in chastity and you will be released only when I say so. Today is day 1 of your new life, with your cock now belonging to me. Whether or not you cum is now for me and me alone to decide...
  16. B

    Massage My Stocking Feet

    Banker, CEO, politician, I really don't care what men are in real life. When they are with me they will kneel in submission to feminine authority and do whatever I tell them. My personal slave has clout in the real world, but to me he's just a slave whose purpose it is to make my life more...
  17. B

    My Mouth - Watch Me Smoke - Up Close

    I get requests all the time for clips that focus on my mouth. You little sluts seem to love to watch me smoke. Well I'm feeling generous today so here you go, this clip focuses on my mouth as I enjoy a cigarette.
  18. B

    Orgasm Under Duress

    I do let my personal slave orgasm...sometimes. He's been in chastity for 10 days waiting for me to unlock him and the poor thing is so horny. Today is his lucky day! I'm letting him out of chastity and he will get a chance to orgasm. But I'm still going to make it fun for me I put a zapper...
  19. B

    He Licks My Painties Clean

    “especially this pair I wore for five days”
  20. GoddessLilith

    Goddess Lilith's GOTH BOOTS TRAMPLE

    After a bad day, there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING better than a good hard fuckin' STOMPING!! I don My meanest pair of boots and enjoy a nice hard trample, all over My victim's body - face, throat & balls, leaving red marks all over him! I thoroughly enjoyed this and you can tell by all of...