1. Casually Crushed

    GTS Story - Where Am I?

    Status: Written Clip Store Link: (Not available yet) Hi everyone. This is another story I wrote, meant for production. It's a short story. I'm hoping to get this one filmed soon. ---- Where Am I? A man wakes up. He can’t remember what happened last night or where he is. At first his eyes are...
  2. Casually Crushed

    GTS Short Story - Made for Video

    Status: Filmed Link: (Not available yet) This was my first story I wrote some time ago. I also wrote this intending to make it a video, so there's some direction in it. It's been filmed, but it's not yet available on the producer's clip site yet. It was originally intended for a SFX, but it...
  3. Casually Crushed

    GTS Home Alarm - Story meant for video

    This story was written a little while ago and I recently had to turned into a video. Since all of my stories are meant for video (usually with SFX in mind), I attempted to find a company that could do it. I didn't find anyone that could do this with SFX, but I found a company that did a decent...
  4. Casually Crushed

    GTS Human Furniture Series - Made for Video

    Hi everyone. I've recently started writing some GTS stories with the goal of making them videos. I write them as such, so that they sound more like direction than fully detailed stories. I've already had a few made to videos by sending them to a producer to have them film their interpretation...
  5. M

    The robbers and the witch - a HHWTH story

    Not the third High Heel Way To Hell but it could have been in it !!! The wickiest, sickiest you'll ever see... A custom made comics I sell on my website. If you like really HARD and gore stories, this one is made for you !!! Not for the fainted hearts... at all... 16 pages of black and white...
  6. T

    Jurassic GTS is now available GTS, BE and more!

    Jurassic GTS Now available at ZZZ Comics: Everyone thought dinosaurs would forever be the biggest creatures to walk the Earth... Ken was a lucky man to land a security job on Dinosaur Island, even luckier to be dating Kristi, the sexy daughter of head...
  7. UnderGiantessFeet

    Fate of my brother

    Sorry no family related themed clips allowed UN1
  8. UnderGiantessFeet

    I Never loved you Anyway

    Sarah invited to home her ex-boyfriend, with whom they are not developed relationships. But she asked him not to make peace with him; she came up with something better! She decided to shrink her boyfriend and good fun with him. Sara is not tall girl, but her shrunken ex-boyfriend doesn’t think...
  9. UnderGiantessFeet

    My Classmate is a Foot Pervert SFX

    My Classmate is a Foot Pervert SFX Megan is a young student from the college. She is lying on the bed reading a book and doesn’t guess at that time the little man is worshiping her feet. Finally she finds a little man near her feet. The little man was her...
  10. UnderGiantessFeet

    Giantess BRIDE

    The poor guy did not know that his wife will shrink him immediately after the wedding. She was still wearing her wedding dress. She is beautiful and cruel. He was always a loser and henpecked. Giantess wife makes her little husband lick her sweaty feet after a long marriage. Little husband has...
  11. UnderGiantessFeet

    Big Brother's Demise SFX

    Hot clip starring Ms Bijou Steal Big Brother isn't so big anymore. Little sister is much bigger. And she's not very nice about it either. The former big brother gets stepped on and squished, after being subjected to several humiliating tasks involving Big Sister's feet...
  12. UnderGiantessFeet

    Dangerous HEELS SFX

    Her giant sharp heels - a dangerous weapon! Helen is very cruel with her little pet. Little slave does not know that she was going to do with him. He is so happy to lick her bare feet and the soles of her sexy shoes. Helen is forcing little slave to suck her huge heels. She is stepping on his...
  13. UnderGiantessFeet

    Two Dreams Come True SFX

    Andy dreamed of being a little man and worship the feet of a giantess. His fantasy comes true. He is the feet of the beautiful Goddess Celine. She says that he will under her foot, but first she will allow worship her feet. Little Andy passionately licks huge soles. He knows that soon will be...
  14. UnderGiantessFeet

    Tiny Pet For Two Girlfriends SFX

    Faith and Katelyn has a shrunken slave. What do the two friends need a small slave? Of course for that he licks their feet as they caress each other. Tiny man licking their feet, kissing their huge toes. The girls at first ignored him. Then one of them gives instructions on how to lick the feet...
  15. UnderGiantessFeet

    Lethal Competition SFX

    Lethal Competition SFX Helen returned home from jogging. When she ran, two little slaves were in her shoes. She takes off her shoes and see that they are still alive. Helen makes them lick old, sweaty sneakers inside, sniffing her dirty socks. Then she arranges them to a competition - who...
  16. B

    GREAT GTS Story

    This is my all time favorite GTS story. It's by Littlelee. He's written many other GTS stories and I believe may be the best GTS Author around. Anyway this story is F/F, which I love. I hope you enjoy the story. Littlelee if you are around, please say hello, thanks. A Summer With...
  17. S

    Cold Floor: A crush story

    COLD FLOOR By SquishedGoo This is a story of foot crush: I sit here. Gazing down upon this little quivering SHIT! …Relishing in its terror. It’s just lying there on the cold hard floor. …On its back. Staring up at me….Just off the tips of my high heeled sandals. My toes starring him...
  18. M


    Trampled, Crushed, & Squished!! New foot crushing/ trampling clips added, including TRAMPLED, a Giantess production - I have added FREE previews to all my clips now too so you can try before you buy :p Any requests/ ideas/ comments? I'd love to work...
  19. S

    I CAUGHT you, Gingerbreadman!

    Now I'm going to eat you ALIVE! Everyone knows the story of the sweet old grandmother baking cookies for the holidays and making them into little gingerbread men....then one magically comes to life and runs away? They all chase this sweet irresistible aroma of the damned cookie gingerbread man...
  20. S

    New Giantess Website - Just Plain BIGGER & Better!

    I just love My Giantess fans! The smaller they get, the bigger and more powerful I get! :) I've done so much play with My clips and posted them all over the net...time for My tiny itty-bitties to come together in one little humble place right beneath Me. I had