gun girls

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    Mistress Bell, Petra Morgan - YouTube

    . Enjoy Bell and Petra Morgan in this free preview (below) of two sexy lesbian lovers with a shortcut to divorce that would do the NRA proud... The video clip is here: G0lPbGuG91s .
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    Amadahy - "Seduction... is only the beginning"

    . What do you get when you put the wicked mind of Goddess Amadahy together with the sick imaginations of the editrixes of at a time when the gun-control debate rages again in the U.S.? You get a story about the seduction of a major weapons producer enticed into making a...
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    femme fatale Petra Morgan - sexy Attentäter

    . Üppige Petra Morgan, "Gun Girl" und sexy weibliche Attentäter ... ist der kaltherzigen femme fatale zugeordnet James Bond zu töten. Genießen Sie das kostenlose Vorschau Video auf YouTube oder (besser)TwitVid ... ... und las ihr Profil femme fatale, hier ... Oder einfach nur...
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    Petra Morgan - gun girl - free trailer, vidcaps

    Enjoy the trailer from YouTube for the Petra Morgan vs. James Bond clip: Petra says: Never Again! yxA1TTr2AS0 There are more capture pics and resources at Petra Morgan galleries and news. These materials are used with permission from JamesBondRIP in association with Lethal Lipstick...
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    chesty gun girl Petra Morgan offs James Bond

    . Enjoy (si vous plait) Petra Morgan vs. James Bond... Petra says: Never Again! (a collaboration with Lethal Lipstick.) First, Petra ruins Bond's life... as the word he is carrying on with a Czech dominatrix somehow leaks to the press (wonder how that could have happened?) --...
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    James Bond, RIP -- a femme fatale tribute

    In the spirit of true enjoyment of the whole Bond Schtick -- which includes the bon mot, the tongue-in-cheek, and the twist of lemon -- I thought other Bond fans might enjoy this tribute clip, placed on YouTube by a lovely would-be Bond Girl, the female assassin Valentine DeVille: The...