head standing

  1. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - 170 pound head-standing!

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/145915/filth-fetish-studios Mistress Alisha Bartlett is getting ready for a night out but the floor is too rough on her perfect goddess feet! she calls in her slave jimmy, orders him to the floor and steps onto his head with her FULL-WEIGHT. this clip is shot...
  2. probes31

    Lizzy lamb in "boredom nylon trample"

    Lizzy Lamb is lounging around with the slaveboy bored out of her mind. She has the sudden urge to want to do some trampling...and using her slave's back, head, and face to do so. Wearing her smelly nylons she goes back and forth stepping from his back to his head until she demands him to turn...
  3. probes31

    Miss Becca's Boredom Trample

    Miss Becca is bored out of her mind....But she knows how to entertain herself, by using her slave as a rug. Miss Becca has been wearing her black socks all day at work (she went shopping right after) and they are damp with sweat and reek of foot stink. She walks up and down his body spending...
  4. T

    Maitresse en collant

    Ma derniere video de pietinement Trample Punishment for lousy cook http://www.clips4sale.com/10309/4669773 http://trample-amsterdam.com
  5. T

    Mistress in pantyhose

    A new video with Lady Jenny in pantyhose... Trample punishment for the lousy cook http://www.clips4sale.com/10309/4669773 http://www.trample-amsterdam.com
  6. G

    Seeking a personal....

    Seeking a houseboy and video subs in the SF Bay Area ONLY!!!!!!! HOUSEBOY REQUIREMENTS: 1.Must be experienced 2.Must be Submissive 3.Must be LOCAL (NO EXCEPTIONS) 4.Must be looking to be collared 5.Must have at least 2 days a week to dedicate to servitude 6. Must be serious...
  7. F


    I will take the air away from you, with my hands, shoes and weight.
  8. D

    Face Trample

    Here's a gif and a few pictures from our "Face Trample" video. Tina stands all over my face with her beautiful barefeet!
  9. M

    Indonesian Mistress is back with face trample (HARD)

    Mistress Bonnie from Indonesia is back again. In this clip she trample her male slaves face brutally on the hard hotel room floor. No pillow under the head! This is a clip for fans of bare feet face standing, head crush... Enjoy AVI/HD Length: 03:22 /Trample4Real PREVIEW...
  10. F

    Help is always accepted with pleasure

    Bringing a picture to the wall, this is not simple.
  11. F


    Malwina can drive one crazy.
  12. F

    Vanessa has her fun

    Vanessa sees it with pleasure if the carpet suffers.
  13. G

    Refreshing my Clipstore & Giving the TRAMPLE CLIPS AWAY 4 FREE

    Hogtied & Abused Pt1 ( The Goddess Warm Up) http://hotfile.com/dl/58996991/4552bf5/Hogtied__Abused_1-(Lower_Level_View)-_1-mistress_Warm_up.wmv.html Observe as I kick and abuse this hogtied human floor and trample IT while wearing black leather platforms heels and shimmer suntan...
  14. G

    Walk all over Me! 6 min of stomping, TRAMPLE, Foot Fetish

    Welcome to the Intimate dwelling of a REAL Sadistic BITCH! I put on a pair of Candy clear white heel slides while smoking cigarettes in our garage. I make my 24/7 lay on the cold cement and trample & stomp his chest & head in heels. Watch him suffer and wish it was you beneath me. This is...
  15. F

    If your head were a tomato

    He would be squashed very easily.