1. fpminnyc

    Where Are All The Bigger Gals For Trampling? Lots Of Butt Drops & Chest Sitting, But Need More Heavyweight Ab Trample

    Ladies... where are ya's all? I need to hire BIG female feet, along with intense weight for upper ab trampling material...
  2. trampletime1969

    TRAMPLED by a BBW and a COUPLE

    I was at a party for the guests to trample, and a 240lbs biker BBW and her friends (a couple weighing 160lbs and 220lbs), wanted to all stand on me. A mix of face/back/chest standing and a little jumping Unique video, now for sale at a discounted rate at trampletime.manyvids.com The guy...
  3. M

    GEARHEADTOOL Lifts Carries JUICY JAZMYNNE - And more!

    Hello MDFers! I also got to work with JUICY JAZMYNNE. Will do again! Here, see me: 1. Lift her, SEVERAL different ways -- including a nice and difficult one! :D 2. She jump on the trampoline 3. She weighs in. <a href="http://www.clips4sale.com/105948/18649969">JUICY JAZMYNNE WEIGHS IN</a>...
  4. D

    New Facesitting and Squashing

    Zorro stopped by while I was getting ready to film some new clips so I quickly pushed him down and started squashing him. I then turned around and sat on his face until he almost passes out! www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.FunWithFat.com www.FattyMansion.com www.AddictedToCurves.com
  5. D

    Lazy Belly Girl

    New clips at www.PrincessDestiny.net And don't forget about www.FattyMansion.com or www.FunWithBBW.com
  6. D

    Pics Galore

    New photo update in the members area at www.DestinyBBW.com
  7. D

    Squashing Lesson

    So many new clips at www.DestinyBBWClips.com and the latest feature SexySignatureBBW! www.FunWithFat.com to view them all
  8. D

    On webcam right now!

    Hi there. I do not get on webcam too much anymore but tonight for the next hour or so you can catch me at www.AllDestinyBBWCam.com
  9. D


    New exclusive clip only at www.DestinyBBW.com
  10. D

    Soda Expansion

    New clip posted at www.DestinyBBWClips.com and www.FunWithFat.com You can also find it at www.FattyMansion.com
  11. D

    Hardcore Face Humping

    Major hardcore face humping. He can hardly catch his breathe once I am done with his face! Find this and more at www.DestinyBBWClips.com www.FunWithFat.com and www.FattyMansion.com
  12. D

    Squashing and Ass Worship

    New clips at www.DestinyBBWClips.com and www.FunWithFat.com
  13. D

    Squashing and Butt Drops

    Van the man gets smashed at www.DestinyBBWCLips.com or join www.FunWithFat.com to view ALL my clips!
  14. D

    Guess my weight (new facesitting clip)

    I use this man as a human scale and sit on his face and demand that he guess my correct weight. I keep smothering him with my ass until he finally guesses the right number and what does he win as a prize for guessing correctly?? He gets to breathe again! Find this and more at...
  15. B

    Aftermath: Chapter 5

    Author's Notes: Hey... I don't know if anybody ever remembers this story anymore. I left it cold in the water a few months ago. For those who do remember, I'm sorry for doing that... I got caught up in some college stuff. And for those who don't know this story, I really recommend that you read...
  16. B


    Get a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot where Destiny and the Playful Princess squash Bobby and pile on him making it over 700lbs of fat covering Bobby's entire body. FattyINC.net View *ALL* of these and a few BONUS clips for 1 low price at www.FunWithBBW.com. Join Today...
  17. D

    Butt Drops and Table Sitting

    http://www.clips4sale.com/store/62113 Destiny is in a bright orange swimsuit just like from the old show Baywatch but instead of saving men, she drowns them with her huge butt. www.FattyInc.com
  18. M

    The Immortal Slave

    Since people are always looking for free stuff, I figured I would put my youtube vids in here. They are machinima, all done in second life, by me and my friends. I hope you enjoy. The first two are just slide show previews, I was kinda testing the waters. We actualy start filming tomarrow...
  19. D

    Squashed between a luggage cart and almost 400lbs!

    New clips up at www.DestinyBBWClips.com and you can also find tons of new clips (still uploading several clips daily) at www.destinybbw.clipvia.com and www.fetishcod.com/store/destinybbw
  20. D

    How Far Can YOU Reach

    Another new clip @ www.DestinyBBWClips.com that can also be found in www.FunWithFat.com where I sit/bounce on this guys lap while he tried to see just how far he can reach around my sexy body. My panties even rip while I am bouncing as if my belly is expanding right before your eyes:) Don't miss...