heel crushing

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    Orange Crush

    My shift ended at 7, and I found my self a bit on edge. I was feeling a tad bit on the hungry side, so I went to the grocery store to find something to satisfy my hunger... As I looked around at all scrumptous, edible food; I realized I was more drawn to the fruit section. So, I figured I'd...
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    Heel Torture

    CBT Addiction Part 1 I received a new pair of sparkle Spike heels as a gift from my new Money Slave. I can not get them on fast enough, I am very eager to break them in Crushing my slaves cock & balls. I love the feeling of having your cock trapped in between my heels as I Begin stroking up...
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    I Hate Flip Flops

    I don't like flip flops . I'm a 35 guy married to a beautiful tall (1.72m) 30yo woman in Lausanne (Switzerland). She likes wearing black boots with tall heels very much to my delight.I replaced original heels tips with metal tips on most boots and pumps. Here is what happened last year. We got...