heel worship

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    Heelworship In The Classroom BLACKDIAMOOND

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM http://www.sado-ladies.com/index.php/female-domination/1475-heelworship-in-the-classroom we are back in the slave school today with superhot german pro dom black diamoond. on the calkboard is written: heel-worship and caning. the caning was already...
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    Only My 1# Slave Gets my Asshole, The Other Gets my Feet

    http://www.clips4sale.com/47951/16683798 https://iwantclips.com/store/13000/Mistress-Ruby-Enraylls/237582/Only-My-Number-One-Gets-My-Asshole “You’ve done such a good job!” Says Mistress Ruby to her favorite slave “As a reward, you get to worship my ass today.” Slurp, slurp, slurp goes his...
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    Amadahy boot, heel, foot, & trample

    . More to come in this thread... but meantime, here's a *.gif that some may enjoy, from the recent Amadahy clip... Amadahy - BootBitch Assassin http://clips4sale.com/21931/12740348 .
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    Randy Moore - shoe dangling

    . Enjoy the sublime foot of Randy Moore dangling her open-toed shoe, from... The Reading of your Will * http://clips4sale.com/21931/11563393 Cheers, Lawrence http://DieForHer.com .
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    Worship Goddess Selena-Show shine girl

    Worship Goddess Selena-Shoe shine girl It's time to polish my pumps. Slave girl scrubs my shoes with her tooth brush and then I make her shine them with her tongue. *Selena* http://worshipselena.com http://clips4sale.com/studio/54571/Worship-Selena
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    Kendra James trample, heel, foot thread

    . More to come, this is just an initial bon bon (read, "teaser.") .
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    Worship Goddess Selena - Shoe & Foot Worship

    Slave girl has her chores to do. After she cleans the room she is allowed to clean her Divine Mistress’s red pumps and feet. Save the best for last. *Selena* http://worshipselena.com http://clips4sale.com/studio/54571/Worship-Selena
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    Chastity Heel Sucker

    Locked up and stripped down to nothing but a steel cage and open-mouthed hood I tease my slave w/ 7 inch, strappy, platform, stiletto heels. It's a shame he cant really enjoy the taste of my heels or the sight of my long bare legs. He proves his devotion to me by sucking on my long black...
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    Foot Gagged and Foot Slapped - Trailer

    Now @ http://www.clips4sale.com/store/33073 Foot Gagged and Foot Slapped~ Varla's foot slut is back and greedier than ever! His mouth may have stretched a bit to accomodate more of her feet, but his foot throating skills have not improved. He gags and chokes on her feet over and over. Varla...