heels torture

  1. M

    Cock Crushing By Mistress Alicia's Stilettos

    Cock Crushing With My Stilettos I, Mistress Alicia, have My Faggot Whore spread eagle, shackled to the floor, Helpless. I have My slave's Cock and Balls through a wood piece leaving them nowhere to escape as I mercilessly steps on them repeatedly and crushes his cock under My Sexy Stiletto...
  2. D

    deep heels by mature lady

    she like it to trample so hard and deep she can...most like it is always on his heels, it was more comfortable for her.Unfortunately for me..... http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29015 http://www.youtube.com/luv4soles
  3. D

    my mature lady and her cruel heels

    she like it, too trample me with her 110 lbs weigth and beautiful shoes.....only if ihe is especially heels penetrate deep into my body that interesting for her. If it takes an hour or two, I must hold out more trampling and rough soles http://www.clips4sale.com/studio/29015 best regards
  4. M

    Heel Torture

    CBT Addiction Part 1 I received a new pair of sparkle Spike heels as a gift from my new Money Slave. I can not get them on fast enough, I am very eager to break them in Crushing my slaves cock & balls. I love the feeling of having your cock trapped in between my heels as I Begin stroking up...
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