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  1. S

    POV Foot Worship & FJ: Loving Mommy's Feet

    Loving Mommy's Feet Mommy has had such a long day. My feet are so tired, mommy loves you but it's so hard to keep up with taking care of you. Mommy wants to know if her little boy can help take care of her. Can you help mommy? Do you like mommy's shoes? What if you take them off and rub my feet...
  2. highboots

    Footstool for Rita

    Rita enters the house and goes to the kitchen. Her slave crawls to her to clean her black boots. For a while he also has to make a stool and she sits on his back. Then he cares of her boots again. Later she takes a seat and uses her slave as a footrest for her shiny boots. Finally he serves her...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Trash or Trained

    TRASH OR TRAINED Yes, all men. All men are trash, unless they are trained. No matter how "nice" they think they are. It doesn't take long to discover their true nature and motives. Yes. All. men. Here is how the new world order will commence. Then it will grow and spread. And soon...
  4. trampletime1969

    170lbs Marie's First Trample!

    My neighbor Marie, a frustrated secretary who weighs 170lbs and asked if she could try out some trampling! She had a lot of fun, and wore some painful heels, and wants to shoot more videos with me, and is also available for custom videos. Check out the new video at my store...
  5. highboots

    Worship of Pumps under Table

    Madame Verona relaxes outside with her feet in black pumps on the table. When she comes inside, she sits down to the table. Madame lets her slave who is under the table worship her pumps and feet. Finally she orders him to take her shoes off and she puts her soles on his face...
  6. Furetto

    Popcorn Crushing Duo (Fetish Obsession for Food Crushing)

    Video available here https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Laura (20 years old) says:« My mom and I simply love popcorn. So, we took two cobs and began to shuck them when, suddenly, a crazy idea came into our minds: crushing all the grains of wheat under our heels. I bet you...
  7. highboots

    Beneath Rita's Boots

    Rita takes a seat on the sofa and commands her slave to take care of her knee high boots. Later he has to suck long heels of her boots as well. In the end she makes herself comfortable and puts her boots on his face http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  8. highboots

    Clean My Shiny Boots

    Rita goes to the balcony. She puts her feet in shiny boots on the table. As soon as she comes to the kitchen where her slave is looking for something in the drawer she closes the drawer with her boot and orders him to clean her boots. So he immediately licks them http://c4s.com/female-boot-world
  9. Marc70

    = Cleaning her dirty HEELS for the CLUB Visit tonight :D =

    Sweet Miss Serena wants to visit a club to night, having some drinks. For this reason the footslave has to clean her sexy high heels from the dirt right now. She has to lick her dirty soles and to suck her heels. Miss Serena ignores him some times and sometimes she laughs at him …...
  10. MissMinaBBW

    BBW Big Leg Crossing Foot Dangling In Stilettos

    Download my Leg Crossing Dangling & Farting In Short Shorts at your fav clip sites: Clips4Sale.com/2519 GodMotherOfAss Many Vids Store I Want Clips Do you love thick bare bbw legs & feet in high heels? I wear a pair of short skin tight shorts, white ribbed tank top with no bra & sit...
  11. Furetto

    Domestic Trampling with different shoes (Stomach Demolition)

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/79627/stomach-demolition Fakir asks a lot to his female assistants: he demands self-discipline, solidarity and team spirit. Even if on the Stomach Demolition set he always gets trampled and beaten badly, in real life he is inflexible in the definition of tasks...
  12. Furetto

    His Gift? Rubbish to crush underfoot! (for crushing and hard humiliation lovers)

    New Fetish Obsession video at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Laura (20 years old) says: «Do you remember my fellow student Ricky, the coolest guy at the university? He thinks he is irresistible to the opposite sex, but I never encourage his arrogant behavior. On the...
  13. Furetto

    Wild Berries Under My High Heels (for crushing lovers)

    New Crushing Video at Fetish Obsession https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Laura (20 years old) says: «This morning too, the poor wild berries have been my intended victims! 'Cause the last time I had smeared my dearest shoes with the red juice of that fucking fruit, this...
  14. Jewel

    logger sole heels crushing brownies to pulp and you have the chance to buy them and lick them clean!

    https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/12689/jewels-foot-fantasy-gems my good ole logger sole sandals are wearing out and i decided to do a treat crush with them and leave the mess in the soles for a lucky lave to lick clean... buy the video here and buy the shoes on ebay...
  15. Furetto

    Rotten Strawberries Crushing (Fetish Obsession for Crush)

    video available at Fetish Obsession https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession Yesterday I found rotten strawberries in my fridge. I think there are striking similarity between these fucking fruits and your useless balls! They are flaccid and simply disgusting... so what to do...
  16. highboots

    Under Her Whip

    Madame Heidi rides on her slave. She fastens him on the cross and begins to lash him. After whipping she unfastens him and she orders him to lick her thigh high boots. He has to suck the long high heels too https://clips4sale.com/53851/female-boot-world/cid3248d20aeb4a59d16a18433398
  17. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Cock Destruction is on the Table

    COCK DESTRUCTION IS ON THE TABLE This little bitch told Us that We could do anything We wanted with him, and We are holding him to it! We've got him trapped under Our cock table and his dick is stuck in the hole, completely exposed to Our devious desires. We are ravenous with sadism and the...
  18. Marc70

    ISABELLES favorite HEELS... get all details

    Lady Isabelle shows off today her favorite black heels www.LOOKMYSHOES.com and www.FOOTFETISHGOLD.com
  19. Miss Jenn Davis

    Miss Jenn Davis - Foot Fetish

    Other links for more information on me & my foot fetish videos: Burying my Toes in the Sand video - click here More of my foot fetish videos - click here More foot fetish photos on my website: http://www.missjenndavis.com
  20. NatalyaSadici

    Heels Higher Than...

    The following video is now available for purchase at https://clips4sale.com/30362/sadici-studios/cid5d18c597d30bdb3628efce3694 Heels Higher Than... I picked out a pair of low heels not only to be comfortable going out, but to give you a chance. As the saying goes, "I have heels higher than your...