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    Just 3 Days Till ClubBreath 4 - Save $10 on admission

    **TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FULL DISCOUNT & EARLY ENTRANCE PRIVILEGE NOW!** The date of the next smothernight is not definite, so take advantage of this night.. It might be a bit of a wait for the next one!! MODELS LIST & INFO! Click here for the initial models list and descriptions MODELS...
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    **This is JUST A TASTE of What Awaits You in 4 Days Time**

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    ClubBreath II SmotherNight Set For April 20

    You are invited to join us at ClubBreath II on Friday, April 20, 2012! The last event was FAR better than we anticipated. The ladies were HOT AS HELL, and there was just the right number of people to keep the party cozy, friendly, relaxed and intimate. The girls loved every minute of it...
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    FIRST Club Breath SMOTHER NIGHT in the books

    Awesome night! Wish more of you guys were there to experience it for yourselves ;) Here's the review: http://clubbreath.com/news
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    LAST & FINAL CALL for TONIGHT's Club Breath SMOTHERnight in LA

    Hi Guys! It's February 16th and TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT for ClubBreath! If you have already registered, you're all set & ready to experience one of the most fun and memorable nights of your life! We have set up a bunch of cozy private curtained-off play spaces for you, snacks and beverages...
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    Punished by Max Payne

    Nothing like getting your balls crushed or being man handled by this ebony domme. Domina Max Payne loves CBT and beatdowns. Video previews: http://www.goddessmax.com/promo/maxpromo02.htm Photos and video page courtesy of GoddessMax.com