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    Aigles riding boots long lasting impressions...

    Mmm click here for fantastic deep imprints and long lasting impressions... Very nice these rubber Aigles ridingboots, and the deep imprints they leave after some trampling... Love it!
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    Jumps/steeple chase horse racing facing review

    jumps. "If you fall off a horse...." I hope you "get right back on" after the horse-pital visit. But what if the horse gets hurt?,25197,25445320-12270,00.html The future of jumps racing in Victoria, Australia will be reviewed by the state...
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    Looking for a nice dominant horse rider?

    Heh, I'm not entirely sure that this is the right forum for this, if there is a right forum!. I am a sane guy who has experimented with weight before and knows his current limits. I am hoping that there is a nice dominant woman out there, who wouldn't be adverse to letting her equine rest...