human floor

  1. Furetto

    The Sofa Dance (let's trample and dance on the human floor!)

    video available here After Lambada Dance, Macarena, Waka Waka and Kuduro Dance, it's time to find a new way to have fun. What's the best (and craziest) dance of the moment? Obviously, the Sofa Dance. So, go wild with it! Here's what you...
  2. Furetto

    I Will Dance On You (Fetish Obsession for trampling and foot domination)

    Video available at People who follow us with affection and attention know exactly how Karate Kiki is not only a great karateka, but also an excellent dancer. In this video she shows her skills, dancing barefeet on Fakir Mask's belly for six consecutive minutes. A sexy trampling performance...
  3. Furetto

    Disco Trampling (a man reduced to a "human cube" for a crazy dancer!)

    Video at Fetish Obsession Dany wants to dance: let's her unleash her energy! Pump the volume, lie down on the floor, and be happy to withstand the whole weight of the gorgeous Dany on your body... let's the Disco Trampling begin!!! For...
  4. Marc70

    )) ENJOY being a human FLOOR (( :D

    Enjoy the floor views. You , as the living floor under Lenas Feet. Today she walks over you with her ballet flats !
  5. Furetto

    Trampling and Dancing Performance (Stomach Demolition)

    Video Available at Three different kind of shoes, three different ways to test the abs of a fakir. In this very hard and funny trampling/dancing performance in high heels, Misia has chosen one of her stronger friend to push his...
  6. Furetto

    Misia's High Heels on Fakir's Stomach (Stomach Demolition)

    New Stomach Demolition video For Misia The Witch, it’s time to put order into the shoe rack and get rid of useless shoes. In the back, behind the shoe rack, there is a compartment where she finds five pairs of shoes that one of her...
  7. Marc70


    Lady Kitty uses her house slave like a human bathmat. While she is preparing hair and make up for tonight she stands on her bathmat and insults her slave. She then wants him to clean her feet for tonight with his tongue. She orders him to lick the toe jam from between her toes. Finally she love...
  8. M

    Smell Mistress Alicia's Feet Puppy & Be My FooT Rest

    Watch Me lay back and relax like The Goddess That I Am and Use My Puppy as My Footrest. I like to ignore him, and read a magazine while I rest My Perfect High Arched Beautiful Feet on his head and on his face. I love Breaking In My Slave To Be My Pet and Furniture. When he deserves a reward, I...
  9. F

    Absolut einzigartiges Angebot!!! Stellvertreter gesucht!!!

    Hallo zusammen, ich selbst bin der Tramplingszene eigentlich fern aber als aktiver Fakir- Künstler habe ich die Möglichkeit den "Human Floor Rekord" mit einem Cheerleader Team von einer Stärke von 35 bis 45 Cheerleadern gleichzeitig durchzuführen und weiß halt durch das Internet von Leuten die...