human toilet

  1. J

    The princess Escort Part 2

    hey everyone! i opened a clips4sale store and a yezzclips as well as others! i am becoming a porn producer! i have signed on 3 models and filming over 60 clips per month of all fetishes contact me at my email or through any of my stores for more info
  2. J

    World Toilet Order. Ch1 and discord link

    hey everyone! this is the first chapter of my new epic story! if you havn't already! i'd love your support in my writing! you can join my patreon here and read over 50 stories instantly with sign up!… also if you enjoy my work! im opening a clipstore with Goddess...
  3. AATBxxx

    Swallow Miss Roper's Nectar

    Peeing not featured in GIF, must purchase to view & swallow. I've had you waiting on all fours in the bathroom throughout the day, waiting for the moment when you would be of use to me. My little toilet, I can flush down anything and everything I desire into you. My spit, my nectar. I've been...
  4. G

    Tribute to TEKKAR, Cherie and Goldmund enter the paradise...

    Fanfiction to tekkar's Femina Island Tales. My first english story… How Goldmund was trapped on Femina Island. Goldmund is a really old fashioned German name, nearly no one used it since about 1750. (estimated by author) Except some aristocrats that tend to funny names to torture their...
  5. slavepj1963

    Madame Catarina presents 'Mr Butler in Trouble' Chapters One and Two Madame Catarina has decided to inspect the cleaning carried out in her saloon by her personal butler slave and she finds plenty of things wrong so decides he needs more training and punishment. The butler...
  6. A

    Sisters' New Toilet

    SISTERS’ NEW TOILET By Astrall Note from author: Hey guys. This is my first story. It is not yet complete (it's a work in progress), but I hope to finish it in the coming week or two. It is a human toilet story of which I am posting Part 1. I hope you like it or at least you don't find it...
  7. C

    Slave to my co-workers

    Slave to my co-workers - introduction I had uploaded a story with the title "Total slavery". Introduction of this story can be found here. After the 10 chapters of the first part ("Ariana"), a hard disk failure caused to loose almost everything I had written. "Total slavery" was divided in 16...
  8. D

    Rotten tooth

    Before we begin. This story is based on a dream I just had on my transatlantic flight last night. This story is fictional and any correlation with real people is unintentional and coincidental. I am dyslexic and English is not my native language, so you get all grammar-, spelling- and...
  9. T

    The Girl Who Remembered My Drink

    Since I turned out to be unable to write a short story, I decided to just give in to my long-winded nature and write something long. I will just publish a new chapter whenever I feel like the next paragraph should belong to a separate chapter, but generally the chapters themselves will be fairly...
  10. T

    April Fools

    I've been in the mood for writing a femdom scat story again for a while now, but I've also been busy drawing and writing for a new femdom game I'm making. Of course it also includes scat, but drawing usually goes slower than writing so I often find myself having written dialogue for all the art...
  11. D

    Oh Shit – the movie

    It sounds like Scat Princess wants to make a movie version of Hungry Guy's story Oh Shit! From Scat Princess I hope that will become a great movie. In Hungry Guy's stories Oh Shit and Oh Poo-Poo where are both human toilets for the gentlemen and the ladies. If a night club like...
  12. D

    Looking for a research experiment scat story

    Hi everyone. I'm looking for a story that I did read a while back (late 90's or early 00's). It is about this guy that really need some money. He saw a add from a research company that promise a few hundred dollars to participants in their research experiments. He signed up without...
  13. B

    Enema Exstacy

    Mistress inserts the liquid and squirts the juice from her perfect asshole all of her slaves cock. She continues to release gallons of her ass juice until the slave is drenched.
  14. D

    Story: The festival tent

    For word: This is a story I did write in Danish back then I was a student. I finally find the time to translate it, since I guess most of the readers here don't understand much Danish. Just PM me if wants the original Danish version It is all a fantasy. Any resemblance to real life people is...
  15. T

    Her Kink

    Hello, I'm new on this forum but have been lurking for quite some time. I never got a chance to register because of registration being disabled, but the administration was kind enough to create my account for me when I contacted them. Besides now being able to comment on the (scat-)stories I...
  16. K

    New Kelsey Obsession POV Toilet Slavery Clips!

    FYI - All of my toilet slavery clips are simulated. Toilet Fetish - Toilet Slaves Meal What's wrong little slave? Oh you're hungry? Well I guess you're in luck, because I prepared a delicious meal earlier. For me. Actually, I might have eaten too much. I'm so full now, so you're lucky...
  17. miami_fa

    The Bucket

    Feedback would be nice, i left it open end in case i'm ever inspired to add more.. anyways, hope u all enjoy it The Bucket by: miami_fa I had come on this cruise to escape reality for a while. Unbeknown to me how far from reality I was going to get. We docked on some random island, by...
  18. T

    The Club: PART 2

    I wake up, im dizzy, i feel weak. I loom around, im in a medium sized room. I stand up, theres a table in the middle of the room, with a cup of water and a tablet. I yell "hey, whats going on, get me the fuck out of here". But nobody responds. I walk to the table to find a note, i read it: Dear...
  19. T

    The Club: PART 1

    WARNING: The following contains: Human Toilet Bondage Facesitting (duh) Farting Disturbing situations Ball busting (minor) Strong language and more! "....and as more people keep disappearing, the police continue the search for the 50 missing people". Fuck i think, more, missing, right...
  20. B

    Human Toilet Humiliation in HD

    Porn Star Nikki Daniels uses her slave as a Human Toilet. She smacks him spits on him, pees, Humiliates and much more! Close up peeing action!