human trampoline

  1. Furetto

    Trampling Jumping Gym (with italian muscular girl)

    Video available here Alessia spends a lot of time in doing gym workouts, weights, cycling: «Fitness» is the word she prefers! After two years of hard training, she starts being fulfilled with the results she reached: now Alessia has a...
  2. Furetto

    Belly Carnage at the Mountain Chalet (real Stomach Demolition)

    New Video at Stomach Demolition If you love hard barefoot trampling primarily focused on abdominal pain, this video is completely for you! Fakir, the Stomach Demolition’s producer, has a beautiful chalet in the mountains of north Italy...
  3. Furetto

    stomach pain and abs bruises after Stomach Demolition (Trampling and much more)

    I don't know if you love to push your limits and have your body really sore after a trampling-beatdown session.., I simply love to see red bruises on my body... please, take a look a this photo taken from 1 hour videos :) My foot domination and trampling store is Stomach Demolition...
  4. Furetto

    Karate Kiki Jumps Hard (High Jumps and Stomach Demolition)

    Video available at Karate Kiki loves to test the stamina of her maso-slave. Here she leaves her kimono and for this occasion she wears - this is very unusual for her - a sexy black top enhanced by a pair of military short pants. Wearing...
  5. Furetto

    Jumping from the Table (Fetish Obsession for Stomach Demolition)

    Video available at Other video of extreme belly jumping for those who love hard trampling and real belly punishment. In this performance the human trampoline is, as usual, Fakir - the iron man with invulnerable abs - while the female...
  6. Furetto

    Dangerous High Jumps (extreme trampling and jumping)

    Video available at The adjective DANGEROUS is not used casually in the title of this clip. In fact you'll see a real extreme trampling/jumping performance, that ends unfortunately with an accident. The dangerous performance was...
  7. Furetto

    Nearly Breathless (Belly, Stomach and Throat Trampling)

    New Fetish Obsession Video After long minutes of leg scissor choke (1st part) and stomach trampling (2nd part), he almost gasps for air. Divine Diana stands full weight on his abdominal area, trampling the weakest spots (stomach and...
  8. Furetto

    Two Human Trampolines (Fetish Obsession for Hard Jumping)

    Video at I don't like the figure of the mistress (their arrogance and bad manners damage my delicate nervous system). I simply hate verbal abuses and any kind of psychological humiliation (boring as a Sorrentino's movie). However, when...
  9. Furetto

    Misia's High Heels on Fakir's Stomach (Stomach Demolition)

    New Stomach Demolition video For Misia The Witch, it’s time to put order into the shoe rack and get rid of useless shoes. In the back, behind the shoe rack, there is a compartment where she finds five pairs of shoes that one of her...
  10. Furetto

    Public Trampling and Hard Jumping in a park (Milano, Italy)

    Video available at This is one of the best video I've ever made, not because of the quality of the shots (unfortunately we were in the hands of a non professional cameraman, damn!), but for the difficulty of the performance and the...
  11. FlattenedOne

    Trying on clothes while trampling

    Felicity can't decide what to wear. It's frustrating to her. Her solution? Put Matt under her feet as she tries on various outfits. This two birds with one stone... 1) see how different outfits fit and 2) destroy Matt in the process. A lot of her stuff has been getting tighter since she has...
  12. B

    Great BBW Human Trampoline You Tube Teaser Clip

    Here is a You Tube Teaser Clip I Found of a reportedly 280 Pound BBW with Size 11 Feet using some guys Belly for a Trampoline. It is a short Clip of only 20 Seconds or so but still Cool and Vivid. Makes me want to be the Lucky Guy getting Trampled.