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    Don't Be That Guy - Bob Flanagan's Smart Ass Masochist Song

    This was just too much fun to keep to myself and I get the feeling many of you ladies will relate to the humor in this piece by the late, great, Bob Flanagan. If you don't know who that is, go check out the documentary "SICK" about him, his performance art, kinks, loves and journey with...
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    *NEW* clip added - "Shriveled Dick-Part 1"

    6 minutes WMV format Categories: CBT, Humor, Domination, BDSM, CBB, Humiliation Description: Mistress Xena's goal: To make ashtray tom's shriveled dick splatter. ashtray tom gets what he deserves, for being a slime-ball thief. Mistress restrains tom on the bondage rack, blindfolds the gimp...