1. MissMinaBBW

    Turning My Little Dick Date Into A Cuckold BBC Fluffer Boi

    Download my Turning My Little Dick Date Into A Cuckold BBC Fluffer HD video at my clip sites: Clips4Sale Many Vids I Want Clips Want something a little bit more specific & personal? Custom videos are available. Email me at for rates & info on a custom that YOU...
  2. lanaluxor

    No Air for Slave Yogi! *** Forward and Reverse Facesitting/Ass Smothering

    To be of service to Lana, Slave Yogi has to undergo ass smothering training where he's subjected to long periods of denial of air due to Lana's voluptuous ass. Lana warns him - "No air for Slave Yogi!" In this session, Lana does butt drops, raises his small scrawny neck up with her legs while...
  3. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor Vs Scorpion: Sensual Smothers

    At Fetish Con, Lana Luxor challenges UK visitor Scorpion to a smothering match which consist of breast, foot, ass, hand and belly smothers! There can only be one winner and as one of the ladies become exhaust with fatigue, the other begins to dominate and finishes her opponent off with a reverse...
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Smother Session

    SMOTHER SESSION Today, you're going to look in on a smother session. This ass is going to smoosh a face so hard, he may not make it to the end. That's My goal. Lay down, bitch, and by My seat. I will use you as a couch cushion and toy with you like a helpless victim...because you are. This...
  5. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Bossy Footjob: POV Angle

    BOSSY FOOTJOB: POV ANGLE The Goddess of Feet strikes again. There's no denying the persuasive power of Mine. My voice immediately grabs your full attention. My eyes look deep into your soul, like I can see your secrets inside. And My feet......they have converted SEVERAL "vanilla" men...
  6. U

    Black Amazon Landlord

    Part 1: Joe rolled over in bed and groggily reached to the night stand to turn off his screeching alarm. He looked at his phone - 4 new text messages, all from the same sender, his increasingly impatient landlady Yolanda. Joe had been late paying rent last month and was behind a week this...
  7. JulieSimone

    Pantyhose Leg Scissor Mixed Wrestling

    Pantyhose Leg Scissors Mixed Wresting Curvy amazon Julie Simone wrestles diaper boy while wearing a cleavage baring lace bodysuit and Wolford pantyhose. She applies a variety of leg scissor holds on him with Her long, strong legs until he finally submits Buy the clip at...
  8. JulieSimone

    Mouthsoaping Flamingo Fuck Humiliation

    Since slave f won the cocksucking contest he gets a very thorough mouth soaping while the other slave has to fuck an inflatable flamingo and blow bubbles for Julie's amusement. Julie laughs and laughs while making the slave humiliate himself for Her amusement by making animal sounds and...
  9. Mistress Meltz

    Tickle torture w/ Layla Moore

    Mistress Meltz enjoys punishin Layla Moores body with some tickle torture. Mistress Meltz tortures Layla Moore with some vicious ticklin on her underarms, neck, ass and feet in this fun, sexy video.
  10. Mistress Meltz

    Polka dot swimsuit facesitting

    Right after taking a dip in the pool Mistress Meltz does some FS, in her cute black and white polka dot one pc swimsuit, on her pet.
  11. JulieSimone

    Interracial Pegging -Clips4Sale 9861

    Video Update : “Congo Line of Cocks, pt 4 : Latin King” In Part 4 Julie Simone has the slave on his back now with his hands tied to his feet. She uses a curved cock named "The Latin King" on Her slave who feels the curve with every pounding thrust. Julie pulls the slave's legs way back so She...
  12. E

    Jezebel's Squats and Cunt Shots

    Jezebel is very fitness oriented. After she is done toning her arms she wants her sub to tone his tongue by licking her from front to back. She moans, she squirms, and she screams. Rub one out while she works out.
  13. JulieSimone

    Whiny Little Baby Pt 1 - Bondage

    It's playtime so of course you're whining again. Tonight I have planned a special surprise which will either cure your whining ways or help you realize your true place in life! I start off by tying your arms behind your head and frog tie your legs to restrain you. You complain throughout but I...
  14. B

    Shemale Ass Fuckers 39: Helen

    Shemale Ass Fuckers 39: Helen
  15. Mistress Meltz

    Facesitting for pussies

    See my latest facesitting clip. Its a instructional with a bit of a comical feel I enjoy facesitting so much and have fun every single time I do it. Have some fun with me will you?
  16. R

    Sinnabum thinks Charlotte Russell has a tasty pussy at SSBBWs Gone Wild

    Don't miss our hot girl/girl set this week at with bottom heavy beauties Charlotte Russell and Sinnabum. Sinnabum just loves Charlotte's soft, jiggly figure, and after the girls spend some time making out and playing with each other's huge tits and soft rolls of fat, she...
  17. R

    Charlotte Russell plays with Sinnabum's big, jiggly belly!

    Great girl/girl update this week at with pear shaped beauties Charlotte Russell and Sinnabum. These two bulging babes make out and play with each other's bulging rolls and huge tits, and Sinnabum says how much she loves Charlottes soft, jiggly curves. She begins to caress...
  18. Mistress Meltz

    New pony play domination vids f/ Empress Kabani and Mistress Meltz

    I just added some hot new vids to the store. Empress Kabani and I had a wonderful time using this slave like a pony and human furniture. It starts out innocently enough until we start putting all of our body weight on him seein just how much he can endure. Ive added the video in its entirety...
  19. headscissors

    Interracial Facesitting

    Interracial facesitting with beautiful Ariyana
  20. FemdomFights

    Erika Nude Mixed Boxing

    In this portion of the mixed boxing match, Erika begins to dominate Darrius with solid hits, and wears him down for the victory. After she lays him out, she poses over him. Now on Hit the Mat -