1. NatalyaSadici

    Interrogation and Permanent Solution

    The following clips have been added to The chastity bitch's permanent solution Maitresse Renee and Mistress Natalya Sadici bring in Mistress Alice in Bondageland to assist with taking the chastity bitch out of solitary confinement. Just when They think...
  2. NatalyaSadici

    Interrogation of the chastity bitch

    The following clip is now available on Interrogation of the chastity bitch Maitresse Renee and Mistress Natalya Sadici discovered Their chastity bitch broke out of his chastity device. The Ladies have thrown him into solitary confinement for numerous...
  3. Mistress Meltz

    Time for your punishment boy

    Mistress Meltz takes her sexy new boy to a party to meet some important new people. He doesnt interact at the party but has his head stuck in his phone. Now its time to be punished for not being a good, obedient, entertaining, attentive and charming boy at the party. Mistress Meltz gags him with...
  4. B

    The Interrogation Continues (Cock Gagging, CBT & more)

    Clips: Members Area: NEW CLIP JUST ADDED: The Interrogation Continues Description: The interrogation continues, when Mistress Xena and Mara Mayhem. When they continue to subject their captive to more unspeakable tortures, such as...
  5. B

    2 Women in Uniform

    Bizarre Cinema clips store: Bizarre Cinema homesite: *NEW* clip added - "2 Women in Uniform" Our captive is punished for the sins that he has committed. However, he continuously claims, "It wasn't me.. I didn't do it". It doesn't...
  6. J

    Batgurl Fucks YOU Silly

    Batgurl is trying to rescue the hostages your boss Two Face and she knows you have the location. After securing you to the table she begins tickling you with her fingers and a few devices but you refuse to talk. Batgurl decides to use more extreme measures and begins teasing your cock with her...
  7. J

    When Winners Become Losers

    Alexandria Wants The Ticket HD She'll Do Anything To Get It Alexandria is staying at a friends house when he gets a call to check his lottery numbers and finds out he won. When he heads to bed she devises a plan to get the ticket from him. She strips naked and climbs into bed with him to try...
  8. J

    You'll Talk When We Make You Cum

    You'll Talk When You Cum Post Orgasm Torture Never Fails Agent Fox and Officer Rose are still trying to get the location of the lab from the inmate when conventional tactics fail. Tickle torture alone won't make him talk so Agent Fox tries coaxing it out of him by teasing him with her huge...
  9. M

    You will never cheat again part4

    this the conclusion of 'Hammering Pins into ur cheating Balls" After hammering pins into Steve's balls the truth comes out about numerous women. Steve is so dumb to think I 'm going to just let him get away with fucking around on me. I nicely tell him " You know I cant' let you keep both of...
  10. M

    Torturing your cheating Balls til u confess

    This is part 2 of Ballbusting Interrogation After finding a girls number on Steve's phone bill and credit card charges from Victoria Secrets- its time for us to have a little talk. Tricking him into allowing me to tie him up- with the promise of anal sex. Steve being the dumbass that he is...
  11. M

    Ball Busting Interrogation part 1

    Steve has been cheating on me and I now have proof. Knowing his lying sneak ass he will try to deny it as always. When we met he promised to take care of me and I would come first. Steve is always late, never gives me the attention I desire. Then I find strange numbers on the phone Bill. I...
  12. J

    Brutal Ebony Babe Tortures His Cock

    White Dicks Chapter 1 - Mr Brooks Won't Talk Agent Love is with a special interrogation task force. Her informant told her Mr brooks knows where the files she needs are located so she takes him prisoner to get them back. At first Agent Love tries to tickle torture his upper body but it isn't...
  13. J

    Brutal Prostate Milking Mistress

    Alexis Wants Answers 2 Extreme Interrogation Alexis has her prisoner bound for interrogation and begins to torture him for the answers she needs but he refuses to tell her anything, claiming he doesn't know what she is talking about. After her prisoner refuses to cum so the tickle torture...
  14. J

    Trampled and Milked

    Trampled and abused guys like these can be found at and Spryte Syns, Tara Ryze, Ashley Edmonds and Alexis Grace are among some of our hottest FemDom abusers this year. Check out what these sexy Mistresses do to these guys.
  15. J

    Fuck her will you? CBT punishment

    Alexis thinks this guy fucked her sister. She brutally assaults all his senses trying to make him confess then milks him dry so he can't fuck anyone for awhile. Caution clip contains extreme tickle torture and fingernail raking.
  16. W

    Wreck Your Head Media present Interrogation Whipping

    "Interrogation Whipping" stars the lovely Mistress Varla in one of her best videos yet. "Mistress Varla has some question for slave number 5. Word has it he's been going around behind her back to other Mistresses. She decides to get him to confess to his misdeeds rather then just beat him for...
  17. MistressRouge

    The Smoking Interrogator - Hot Waxed Balls.

    Added to My Clipstore & Members Site :) The Smoking Interrogator - Hot Waxed Balls. Part 2 of The Interrogator series. The guardess has the confession, now onto the torment and torture, for the crime. I have Locked Balls at My bondage wheel, bound and helpless. I light a cigarette, and...
  18. MistressRouge

    The interrogator.

    Added to My ClipStore & Members Site :) THE INTERROGATOR. The Interrogator Torturess, has her prisoner Locked Balls in her confession chamber. The guardess has been informed that this prisoner has been caught spying on the secret chambers, stalking Mistress Roug'e. I begin My interrogation...