jana linke

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    ath286 The businessman (Jana Linke)

    A new fantasy story with Wedge and Jana. In this video, you will see Jana topless for the first time, in exclusivity ! - Exciting and deep breast smotherings - Powerful scissors and figures-4 - sensuality - domination - excitation and fear... this is the program. More pics and preview...
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    ath244 Ripped Princess's Facesitting - Athena2 video

    Facesittings extracted from Athena2 video ath244 with Ripped Princess (Jana Linke-Sippl), the today most powerfull europeen bodybuilder. Free clip : http://www.athena2.net/marc/ath244_F-S_(01m13).wmv Full video on http://athena2.net
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    ath244 Domination by Ripped Princess ( Athena2 )

    A new video with fabulous Jana Linke dominating small Wedge, a guy who loves bodybuilders. See free preview http://www.athena2.net/marc/ath244_pv_ath_(02m26).wmv Full video on http://www.athena2.net/index2.html