jean sitting

  1. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxurious Updates

    Lana Luxor & Freshie Juice: Denim Booty Domination You love seeing women in a nice pair of tight pair of blue denim jeans. You've just wrapped up a Skype session with Lana & Freshie - two of the best butts in the biz but before you log off, they ask you the million dollar question - who has the...
  2. D

    Jeanssitting in Levis — searching original movie by clip

    Hey everyone, I’m searching an original movie of this clip The girl in Levis jeans is so hot! Does someone know where is it from ? Or maybe at least studio/actresses names? Thanks in advance!
  3. Zonda

    Seductive Isabel Face Sitting In Bald HD

    Seductive Isabel Face Sitting In Bald HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latina Goddess Isabel looks gorgeous in her sexy jean shorts. She wants to punish her baldy slave. He is lying on the floor as the worm he is. The slave is waiting to serve as a throne for Goddess Isabel's perfect butt. She...
  4. E

    Two Amazing Amazon Amanda Vids

    For those of you who relish in the thought of rough jeans scraping against your face, this is the clip for you! Amazon Amanda stretches the limits of Her denim skirt as She turns Her victim's nose into Her landing pad. Plenty of ass jiggling to boot... AND Butt drop enthusiasts will go...