1. MissMinaBBW

    Ruby Red Lips Big Red Ass

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  2. jeansfetish

    Jeans Fetish

    So I have a jeans fetish and was looking for activities to do in jeans. I am aware of jeans facesitting. Are there any other dominant activities that you could suggest?
  3. highboots

    Boot Worship at Waterhole

    When Xenia comes to a waterhole she sits down and calls at her slave to take care of her Calvin Klein boots. He has to kneel down and starts to kiss and lick her boots. Later she stands up and her slave still worships her stunning boots. Finally she uses him as a step and rinses her boots from...
  4. MissMinaBBW

    Too Fat For My Fav Size 24 Jeans

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  5. trampletime1969

    TRAMPLED by a BBW and a COUPLE

    I was at a party for the guests to trample, and a 240lbs biker BBW and her friends (a couple weighing 160lbs and 220lbs), wanted to all stand on me. A mix of face/back/chest standing and a little jumping Unique video, now for sale at a discounted rate at The guy...
  6. D

    Jeanssitting in Levis — searching original movie by clip

    Hey everyone, I’m searching an original movie of this clip The girl in Levis jeans is so hot! Does someone know where is it from ? Or maybe at least studio/actresses names? Thanks in advance!
  7. B

    A fantasy made reality- Pt 4

    A fantasy made reality Pt 4. She got off abruptly. I was shocked back into the loud sounds in the room. She turned around to look at me with a curious smile on her face. “I think you’re having it too easy with the tights. Plus its hurting my butt! I wanna wear...
  8. cplwrestling2015

    BWW-024 Bella’s In A Bind - f/f Big vs Small Girl

    Hi there, we hope you enjoy our last update, giant Megan Jones vs Bella in a intense jeans headscissor and facesitting match, only in :
  9. B

    A fantasy made reality - Pt 2

    A fantasy made reality - Pt 2 UNFIN! I had lost all sensation in my nose and surrounding area. My face was slowly becoming completely numb from the lack of blood flow. My ears had closed up due to the extreme pressure. It didn’t help that we were in a tropical country. Heat from...
  10. B

    A fantasy made reality

    A fantasy made reality I’ve been wanting her to come over for a while now. You know one of those families who are related to you in some obscure manner but you don’t really know? It was like that with her family. As far as I’m concerned, another family friend. But...
  11. MissMinaBBW

    Big Oiled Booty Flexing In Jean Thong Chaps

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  12. highboots

    Face Sitting in Jeans and Wellies

    Madame Angelica calls at her slave to kisses her wellies. Then he has to worship her butt on the bed. She is sitting on his face in her jeans in different positions. She rides his face full weight and lets him worship her boots too.
  13. highboots

    Smother in My Denim Shorts

    Horny Angelica passionately plays with kinky overknee boots on sofa. When a slave appears she commands him to kiss her boot and she sits on him too. Then she bumps his head on the sofa and sits on his face in her jean shorts. Good reason to teach him how to smell her butt. She shakes her ass and...
  14. highboots

    Worship My Butt

    Magdalene lets her rubber boots worshiped and then she goes to bedroom followed by her slave. She put his head on the edge of the bed and sits on his face in jeans. She rubs her butt all over his face. Finally she stands and the slave worships her ass. More at...
  15. B

    Aftermath Chapter 6: The Mindful Sitter

    Author's Notes: Hello, I hope people still remember this story. I keep leaving it cold in the ground for months. Here are the older chapters if you wanna read them first. Chapter 1: Chapter 2...
  16. E

    Spiked Heels Ball Busting POV

    I don't just wear these heels b/c I like the way they look. I also like the way they are gonna make you fall to your knees after one good kick in the balls with these spikes. Can you imagine it? Look at these sexy legs in my skinny jeans paired with leather high heels covered in gold spikes...
  17. E

    Filthy Flats Ball Trample

    My ballet flats are filthy from these city streets. What better to clean them off on than this pathetic sub's balls? I could get out my sexy high heels to bust his balls but I want to crush his balls under my full weight in leather flats. I kick, crush and stand on his balls while he squirms and...
  18. E

    Because Fuck You, That's Why!

    I have my period and a set of canes. Someone pray for the slave. Now available from Elena De Luca Productions
  19. E

    Gag on My Feet, Bitch!

    When I'm bored I like to use my slaves for entertainment. I drag this foot slave over to me just to see how hard I can force him to gag on my size 7 feet. He struggles and tries to pull away but I am not having any of it. I grab him by his shirt collar, pushing his mouth own on my foot. I shove...
  20. G

    Jeans Facesitting and Milking

    Mistress Ivette facesits a slave after she pulls him from a chair to the ground, milking his dick.