1. assassass

    New Fullweight Facesitting clipstore!

    I'm so lucky to have found someone to use me as a fullweight face-chair. She ignores me and farts on me when She has to, and shows no mercy. When She sits, I must remain perfectly still like furniture, and figure out how to breathe because She's not getting up unless She wants to. I love my new...
  2. maxsgpin

    NEW VIDEO #189 Short Jeans always win. Two schoolgirlpin fights

    Catfighting, straddling and schoolgirlpin on living room between a short girls against long jeans girls This is a new homemade. Filmed by exciting feel to watch they catfighting until the complete domination...
  3. N

    Handycap-wrestling with Vivienne

    I was testing our newcomer Vivienne, first i let her sit on my chest and tried to throw her of, her some captures from the clip Maybe a big mistake it ended with a crushed nose Greetz Nase
  4. N

    Gothic-Girl Kali, Jeanssitting

    A nice view, how a nose is crushed under Kali's Jeans Greez Nase