1. jeansfetish

    Jeans Fetish

    So I have a jeans fetish and was looking for activities to do in jeans. I am aware of jeans facesitting. Are there any other dominant activities that you could suggest?
  2. D

    Jeanssitting in Levis — searching original movie by clip

    Hey everyone, I’m searching an original movie of this clip The girl in Levis jeans is so hot! Does someone know where is it from ? Or maybe at least studio/actresses names? Thanks in advance!
  3. M

    Die Sofafresse

    Preview: German discreption / Beschreibung: Die Sofafresse Dieser Sklave ist dank mir so pleite dass ich ihn nur noch als Sitzkissen gebrauchen kann. Für alles andere wäre er zu dumm ;-) Deshalb hat er auch den ganzen Tag auf dem Sofa zu liegen und auf meinen göttlichen Jeansarsch zu...
  4. N

    Jenny from makes it to!

    Jenny from makes it to! This is a HUGE american web site....great advertising for Marco. Congrats Marco! scroll down about 1/3 of the page and you'll see her right before the Megan Fox section.
  5. K

    Jeanssitting Hell

    This post in now deleted. Thank you for a great forum!