1. MistressRouge

    The Disciplinarians!

    New Clips added. The Disciplinarians The Disciplinarians Part One - Punishment Haircut. The Disciplinarians The Hunteress and Mistress Roug'e proudly present a superb series of clips. The Hunteress and I, Cruel, Brutal, Strict Uniformed Disciplinarian Officers. We begin by administering...
  2. MistressRouge

    Judicial 200 my most extreme cp clip ever uploaded.

    To my Clipstore & Members Website :) JUDICIAL 200. Mistress Roug'e dressed in a lurex tight, mini dress, deep lace top stockings, corset and leather thigh boots. The dark outfit in contrast with her dark, sadistic mood. Mistress administers a JUDICIAL CANING on her slave joanne TV, 200...
  3. MistressRouge

    Brutal cp caning - 10 minutes - 370 strokes - broken cane.

    Added to my Clipstore :) BRUTAL CP CANING - 10 MINUTES - 370 STROKES - BROKEN CANE. Brutal CP Caning - 10 minutes - 370 Strokes - Broken Cane. Mistress is quite annoyed with her TV slave joanne, waiting for her arrival. JOANNE IS LATE. Mistress informs joanne on her late arrival, that she...