1. slaveandy

    Kendra James Destroys His Nuts

    Miss Kendra James has to be one of the most famous ballbusters on the planet, kicking guys all over the planet. She's become so expert at ballbusting that EVERY gut wrenching kick makes direct contact pushing the testicles to crush against the subjects pelvic bone. This inflicts maximum pain and...
  2. slaveandy

    Kendra James Make Slave Clean Her Shoes

    Co-ed Kendra is wearing her sexy black stiletto pumps. These shoes have seen better days. She has worn them to school and for every vacation she's ever had from London to San Francisco. They are filth and who knows what she's stepped in. She makes her slave lick them clean. When she determines...
  3. slaveandy

    Kendra James Boot Trampling

    The infamous Mistress Kendra James gets her hands, or more like her boots on Slave Andy. Dressed in a sexy latex dress, she attempts to poke holes all in Andy's body with her stiletto boots. Enjoy! CA Media...