1. H

    Caged for SSBBW Goddess Ivy Davenport

    Goddess Ivy has you right where she wants you, wearing pretty lingerie and your cute little cock all locked up in a pretty pink cage! Goddess Ivy has the keys, and playing games with her sissy subs is always too much fun for her to deny herself. She teases you about how she was going to unlock...
  2. Fetishexhibit


    Hello I just wanted to know if anyone would like to share there opinions on chastity? Male or Female. I will say I have a couple that I have tried out and it took forever to find one that actually fit. I have been locked up in some of the videos that I film. I have also read stories of men...
  3. Fetishexhibit

    facesitting from teasedandtortured

    This set is from the clip titled: Face sitting and Chastity featuring Sadie Holmes & Taylor Dawn
  4. MistressRouge

    Chastity Control & Key Holding.

    "The penis, is the core of all man's weaknesses" I say this often in session, and I know exactly how My strict regime chastity control of a slave/sub, benefits over-zealous behaviour. My collared slave emenac, is under My strict hard disciplined Chastity Control, and is infact the longest...