1. G

    Any beating clips/pics/stories?

    trying to find clips/pics/stories of girls beating up guys... Anything anyone?
  2. FemdomFights

    Soniya Destroys Duncan! Boxing Beatdown 1

    Soniya beats Duncan's ass in a fantasy femdom mixed boxing vid from 2010. While it may be fantasy, she lands plenty of solid punches to hit body and even kicks while he's down. See it on Free preview available
  3. M

    Mistress Claire - Severe Ballbusting

    Yes you read that correctly...I tried out Ballbusting for the first time and I LOVED IT. It was very exciting and extremely entertaining to see Bryan screaming in agony and writhing in pain on the floor after I kicked his balls dozens and dozens of times as hard as I possibly could! I had...
  4. slaveandy

    Aurora and Varla Love Testicle Abuse

    Mistress Aurora and Mistress Varla just love to torture a set of balls. They have left their ballbusting slave in the cold dungeon to await his next testicle bashing. They both walk in excited to see the slave ready for a brutal busting. The unleash kicks, punches, slaps, and devastating knees...
  5. slaveandy

    Rachel's Ballbusting Tease

    Rachel Sinclair wants to really torment slave andy. Of course she has ballbusted him many times, but this time she plans to do it with a twist. She teases and taunts him with her pantyhosed clad feet, never leading on which kicks and knees are going to be light or which ones will be brutal. Andy...
  6. slaveandy

    Mistress Porcelain Breaking Balls

    Mistress Porcelain wants to see just how much damage she can do ballbusting slave andy. To ensure maximum damage she has decided to wear her hard platformed domme boots that are nothing short of ball crushing. She kicks him full force time after time taunting him if he wants more. When he tried...
  7. slaveandy

    Barely Legal Booted Ballbust

    Eighteen year old Mistress Saya was trained to ballbust by one of the best. Now it is her turn to see what damage she can do solo. Her accuracy is incredible as she lands kick after kick right into Slave Andy's balls. Many of the kicks were so accurate that the cracked against his pelvis sending...
  8. slaveandy

    Curvy Princess Morgan Kicks Balls

    Curvy Princess Morgan is pissed at her slave for his lame tribute. For his punishment she dishes out sixty kicks to his balls that are only protected by a thin layer of boxer briefs. 60 Kicks in less than 3 minutes...OUCH! Enjoy the preview...
  9. slaveandy

    Ballbuster who sent Slave Andy to the ER

    There's very good reason why Slave Andy doesn't let his full time Mistress, Mistress Caia, kick him in the balls. In 2005, she sent him to the hospital with a scrotal hematoma that took 6 weeks to heal....and she was wearing sneakers! Caia's kicks never miss. You've seen other girls when they...
  10. slaveandy

    Ebony Police Woman Busts te New Year's Drunk

    Andy got pulled over by this ebony policewoman on New Year's Eve for driving drunk and for complaints from the ladies in the area of a peeper. Little does he know that she's a dirty cop with a flair for sadism. Instead of booking him and taking him to jail, she brings him to this secure location...
  11. slaveandy

    Ballbust with Personal Trainer Mz. SexyFlex

    Personal trainer Mz. SexyFlex is tired of her client Slave Andy not working hard enough to get rid of the flab. Now she’s going to give him even more incentive to get in shape, by ballbusting him throughout the workout! Enjoy...
  12. slaveandy

    Perv Captain Gets Busted

    Captain Andy invites new stewardess Whitney Morgan back to his place for a post transatlantic nightcap. Little does Whitney know that Captain Andy hopes to take advantage of her and use his company influence in to ensure she cannot say no. Andy has made a horrible mistake! Stewardess Whitney...
  13. T

    The most awesome videogame KICKS AT YOUR FACE

    Check this images, she kicks you in your face mercilessly until defeat you!!! And finally she finish you: You can download this game freely here: :pbbbbblt: