1. Zonda

    Nuevo esclavo Para la Diosa Isabel

    De nuevo trayendo otra novedad en una de mis tiendas y ahora ofreciendo los vídeos en FULL HD (1920X1080) sin dejar de lado la versión mas pequeña. Mis clips son hablados en español así la descripción este en ingles. Saludos y gracias por su apoyo. After A Hard Work Day HD FULL HD Clip...
  2. U

    Old video

    There was a video on smotheredslave before it was ended called "Second Sister Part 1", does anyone possibly have it?
  3. B

    [B]Worship My Sexy Heels and Perfect Feet

    Watch Mistress Alicia as She shackles Her slave to the floor, where he belongs under Her Perfect Feet. Once he is spread eagle and helpless, She can make him clean Her stilettos with his tongue. He must learn to be a good pet for Her and smell, kiss, and worship Her beautiful feet to Her liking...
  4. R

    Cookies, cuddling and making out, fun with Malice and Reenaye Starr!

    We have a fun set this week at featuring Malice and Reenaye Starr stuffing themselves with Oreos and milk. The girls eat the entire box of cookies, and drink almost a gallon of milk, slurping it greedily right from the jug, and rubbing their stuffed tummies contentedly...
  5. J

    Becoming a slave cum best friend

    Hi people, im back.. time to share HOW it all started off in my life. From my previous posts you already know I have A Best friend from college. She is really dominating, she just loves to boss around and have her ways with me and im really submissive in nature. At first i had NO idea she...
  6. S

    Lexi plays with Alexis Grace and Kelsie

    In this special edition, you get to see Lexi Lee bound to the bed and tickled by Alexis Grace who kiss her body and vibrate her into an orgasm. Alexis Grace is tied to the bed and Lexi tickles her kiss her body and vibrates her into an orgasm. Then Lexi is bound to the bed and Kelsie tickles her...
  7. B

    Lesbian Footjob!

    Julia (size 7.5 feet) and her girlfriend Mindy (size 11 feet) arrive for their joint interview with you. They realllllllllly want the job, so they pull you to the back room and begin seducing you with their bare feet. While rubbing your cock through your pants, they start to make out! Julia...