1. sockratees

    Women from Faceriding Delight?

    Anyone have any info on the women from Faceriding Delight? Marly, Madison or Lisa in particular. Wondering if they offer sessions. Especially Lisa, I would pay any money to have her sit on my face.
  2. KyleChaos

    Chi Chi Medina Angry Facesitting Tutor -

    Chi Chi Medina is a tutor for business class teaching some of the fundamentals of business and marketing. My eyes get distracted by her tits as I gaze off. Chi Chi notices my attention deficit and tosses the books on the ground. She lays me down, stands over me, pulls up her skirt and sits on my...
  3. trampletime1969


    I met these 3 shoppers at a mall in Brazil, and they wanted to try trampling me! All 3 together, 180, 210, and 160lbs walk, stomp, and jump on me. They take turns standing on my face, and 2 of them even stand on my face at the same time! I am hoping to see them again this year, and they want...
  4. K

    Would you stand her up?

    I cannot imagine what happened to make the guy a no show, but I bet he's kicking himself. the-laughing-latina
  5. D

    Claudia: Lap Sitting and Jiggling

    Claudia loves having her boy toy rub her fat body all over in sexy lingerie! View *ALL* of these and a few BONUS clips for 1 low price at
  6. cbtrampling

    Face Sitting, Face Fucking under the perfect Ass of Sara Alfaros (HD 1920x1080)

    Mistress Sara fucks her slave's face under her perfect ass. She presses her pussy over his mouth and and moves her hips in circles. She bounces on his face. He gasps for air while the Mistress makes his face completely disappear in her ass. For more, please visit us in our store at...
  7. D

    Claudia Gets Fed Brownies and Lap Sitting

    Claudia gets fed brownies while sitting on fat lovers lap.
  8. D

    ClaudiaBBW Weigh and Measure

    Claudia weighs in to find out exactly how much she weighs. She knows she has gained weight since she was last weighed...find out how much she has gained in this clip and then she takes her measurements for you!View *ALL* of these and a few BONUS clips for 1 low price at
  9. Zonda

    Waste From Ped Egg HD

    Waste From Ped Egg HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - We have here the ultimate dream of every single foot slave, can have the privilege of eat the divine foot dust of a Foot Goddess. Latinas Goddesses Angela and Violeta want to reward the new slave. They know that slave insect is so submissive...
  10. Zonda

    Latina Goddess Isabel Introduces Her New Slave HD

    Latina Goddess Isabel Introduces Her New Slave HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latina Goddess Isabel got a new slave. This stupid worm already was tested by Goddess Isabel in some recent released videos. Now she wants to introduce her slave to Latina Goddess Vanesa. First she takes the slave...
  11. Zonda

    Natacha In Pony Ride HD

    Natacha In Pony Ride HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - For baldy slave is a real privilege be used as a pony boy by a true Amazonian Goddess as Latina Goddess Natacha. She has the body of a real Goddess. First she uses him as a pony boy. After 3 minutes she orders her slave to carry her on his...
  12. Zonda

    After A Hard Work Day HD

    After A Hard Work Day HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latina Goddess Isabel is tired after a hard work day. She returns home to relax. She has a new slave. His name is Insect. First Latina Goddess Isabel orders the insect to lick her own personal pair of wooden sandals. Insect seems anxious and...
  13. Zonda

    Flip Flops Produce More Cum HD

    Flip Flops Produce More Cum HD HD Clip (1280x720) - JUST PERFECT! Latinas Goddesses Isabel and Vanesa have their toenails perfectly painted. Baldy slave has a big erection. The Goddesses are wearing sexy flip flops, these flip flops allow to see in all her glory the perfection of the feet of...
  14. Zonda

    Tapete Para La Diosa Isabel

    Hola amigos de habla hispana, les traigo acá mi mas reciente clip de trampling, enfocado principalmente en ser el tapete de una bella, sexy y joven diosa latina. La descripción esta en ingles pero mis vídeos son en español de Latinoamérica. Saludos. Bathroom Carpet For Goddess Isabel HD HD...
  15. Zonda

    Face Slapping With Passion HD

    Face Slapping With Passion HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Young Latina Princess Violeta is cute but cruel. She loves to use her hands to punish slaves like you. This time Latina Babe Violeta DESTROYS baldy's ugly face. She slaps slave's face until it is totally red. THIS IS A REAL FACE SLAPPING...
  16. Zonda

    Two Whip Better HD

    Two Whip Better HD HD Clip (1280x720) - What a wonderful whipping clip! These two Young Latinas Goddesses are so HOT, sexy and beautiful. They take on the worm slave to destroy his back. This clip is natural. Not is the typical clip of a Mistress in a latex outfit whipping a slave. You can...
  17. Zonda

    Naked Human Ashtray For Two HD

    Naked Human Ashtray For Two HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Young Latinas Goddesses Angela and Violeta have an ugly naked human ashtray at their feet. These two Goddesses want to play and make suffer the ugly thing. Goddess Angela and Goddess Violeta use this human ashtray to put the cigarettes butts...
  18. Zonda

    Facesitting While Having Fun HD

    Facesitting While Having Fun HD HD Clip (1280x720) - Latina Goddess Nicol is in a bad mood. She wants to use her sexy butt to destroy Celeste's face. Goddess Nicol is wearing a sexy thong, perfect to make face sitting. She has a blast shaking her ass on the face of Celeste. Don't miss it...
  19. M

    Jasmine Mendez Face Sitting Executrix HD This is our first ever face sitting clip, and we started out at the very top with the true “Queen of Face Sitting”, Jasmine Mendez. Wearing black high heel boots, and tight black leggings, Jasmine is ultra-dominant as she gets ready to smother her slaves face with...
  20. Zonda

    Ped Egg Foot Slave Featuring Isabel HD

    Ped Egg Foot Slave Featuring Isabel HD HD Clip (1280x720) - This is a new series featuring our HOT Latinas Goddesses and Princesses. One of our pathetic foot slaves sent us some ped eggs. Our Latinas Goddesses will use them to take care of their pretty feet while their dry skin of their...