1. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Pantyhose Cock Tease 2

    PANTYHOSE COCK TEASE 2 I want to tease you before I milk you. My silky soft nylons glide across your cock like a serpent. The spaces between My toes are visible from inside the stockings. Listen to the sounds they make as they caress and press you. Look into My eyes as I pet My pet with...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Cruel Cuck Date

    CRUEL CUCK DATE Let me tell you about one of the most delightfully cruel cuckold dates I've been on. I saw this one coming a mile away. Finally, after months of gathering up the courage, he worked up the nerve to offer to take me on a luxurious date. I bet he saved for an entire month to...
  3. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - Vanilla Foot Kink

    VANILLA FOOT KINK You know you like beautiful women. You know you have an open mind. You know what’s sexy, even if it’s not mainstream – if it’s a little kinky. You’ve always kind of understood foot fetish. The arches, the softness, the strange way it sort of resembles a pussy...
  4. highboots

    Teasing a Slave

    Angelica lazes about in bra, panties and fishnet pantyhose and is bored. She calls her slave and begins to humiliate him easy. Then she is teasing and spanking his butt on the bed. Finally he has to worship her shoes.
  5. highboots

    Coming in Boots

    Rebecca gets out of a car, takes some shoes from the trunk and goes in rubber riding boots home. On the way she adjusts her boots and continues upstairs. Inside she starts to undress. Takes her riding boots off and stays only in lingerie. Than she puts on pink pumps, gets up from the chair and...
  6. E

    Pray for My Ash POV

    Don't just sit there and beg. Your need for my ash runs much deeper than desire. Your body craves my smoke and cigarette butts on a spiritual level. You worship my ash. By being my ashtray you are sacrificing yourself to me. My smoke draws you closer and closer. You hand over your tongue to...
  7. E

    Honor Your Goddess POV

    I am the be all end all for you. I am the temple to which you need to sacrifice yourself. You should worship me as if your life depends on it. Tithing everything you have to offer. Your complete devotion is required. Praying at the alter of Elena is going to be your new addiction. Now...
  8. E

    Don't Deserve to be My Cuckold POV

    Do you really think you deserve to be my cuckold? That you are worthy of cleaning my pussy after my lover has fucked me? You have the right to suck my lover's cock? You clearly think far to highly of yourself. I'm going to tell you how this is going to work. You are just not worthy but I'm going...
  9. E

    Date Night Stocking Removal POV

    I've been out all night in my black, back-seamed thigh high stockings and garter. As I tll you about my evening and how much I love wearing such beautiful sheer hosiery on my long legs I ever so slowly pull them down and over my bare soles. You get to watch me unhook each garter and show off...
  10. E

    Use Your Words

    When I ask you a question you answer me. Not by nodding that think skull of yours, with words. I shouldn't have to keep my eye on you to look for your reactions. You need to learn to speak when spoken to. The best way to learn is with a good slap in the face, and then some. I leave my slaves...
  11. E

    Blackmail: Peeping Tom to Slave POV

    I sit on my bed brushing my long hair in vintage lingerie when I see you hiding there. This cant go without punishment. You clearly need someone to control you, as you can't be trusted to do it yourself. Now you are going under 24/7 slavery. I own your ass. You will live in a cage and serve me...
  12. E

    Bad Caterer Pt. 2: Face Slapping - Clip & Trailer!

    The audacity of some people! After misbehaving and forcing me to take him over my knee before the party the caterer still expects to be paid! I am insulted buy his request and plan to show him just how angry I am by slapping him across the face over and over until I am satisfied. Watch the...
  13. M

    Trampling and Kicking By Mistress Alicia

    Mistress Alicia abuses her slave by showing him what it's like to be Her floor. She steps on him, jumps on him, kicks him in the face and tramples all over him. This sexy Goddess knows that any slave would be so fortunate to be under her feet and under Her beautiful body and She completely takes...
  14. E

    Ignoring Glenn POV

    This is what happens when Glenn calls me on NiteFlirt. I use the time to check my email, update my to do list and have a good laugh at his expense. I even text w/ friends about how this loser is being ignored at the moment. Now available from Elena De Luca Productions!
  15. M

    I Love Ball Torture

    Watch Me Kick and Crush My slave's Cock and Balls. He is tied spread eagle and there is nothing to stop Me! I am going to Squeeze, Kick, Slap, and Knee his Balls till he's begging for Mercy through his Gag, but even that won't stop Me!!! I love to watch a slave Suffer For My Amusement And...
  16. S

    Ebony and Ivory Goddesses Tickle Torture Skinny Girl

    Ebony and Ivory Goddesses Caramel Vixen and Sydney Screams have captured skinny girl Whitney Morgan and chained her to the Saint Andrews Cross. What comes next is the two beautiful interracial goddesses tickle torturing the lingerie clad blonde girl until she begs for mercy. See <a...
  17. slaveandy

    Lily's Lingerie Nut Kicking

    Princess Lily Anna works to perfect her ballbusting techniques. With each kick, the slave is enduring an increasing level of pain and suffering. She saves the best for last when she delivers a brutal barefoot kick that generates a sound like no other as the slave crumbles into mush on the ground...
  18. M

    Goddess Shea and Miss Varla ballbusting

    Now playing at No Hope For Nuts Goddess Shea and Miss Varla tag team a pair of nuts together for the first time! Varla was delighted to find that not only is Goddess Shea beautiful, she's also quite Sadistic and obviously loves busting balls. They...
  19. M

    *NEW* clips added - "Bondage Fun"

    with Mistress Xena (Chicago) & JJ Plush (Detroit) Categories: Bondage, Domination, Roleplay, Girdles, Big Tits, Humiliation, Gagging, Choking, Confrontation, Girl/Girl Bondage Fun part 1: 7 minutes Both WMV & MP4 format (MP4 for your IPOD) Description: Mistress Xena & JJ Plush have...
  20. M

    *NEW* clip - "Tease, Smother & Eat"

    STORE: with Mistress Xena & Christian Clip: 12 Minutes Long WMV Format Filmed: June 15, 2010 Categories: Smother, Big Butts, Asshole Fetish, Ass Smothering, Lingerie, Tease & Denial, Ass Licking, Ass Spreading, Ass Smelling Description: Tease - "Do you...