long toe nails

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    Preview-Toes on The Beach-( Toe Spread)HD WMV

    Watch as I spread my sexy thick feet on the beach in the Bahamas. See my Vibrant Candy Apple red polish glisten as I spread my toes and bury them deep in the warm sand. I'm such a tease when I cross my beautiful caramel legs and begin to clamp. I'll let you lay beneath them.Ordering you to...
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    *STACKED BLK Giantess Stomped & Discarded-Free Clip

    Your the weak meaningless waste of breath that I STUFF and suffocate inside my pantyhose. Your the small excuse of a man that I look down on. Your the cushion in my shoe during a scenic stroll. Your the party favor that I pass around to my friends for amusement. I'll laugh at you as you...
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    A Collection Of Pics of the Ebony Soles of Hard Candy Kink

    I put together a slide show of all the feet in the house of Hard Candy Kink in Sherman Oaks Ca. POV, Pantyhose,Clean, Dirty,Barefoot,Long Toe Nails Enjoy Foot Freaks, Ebony Goddess Destroi http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q57OXV16XFw
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    Tsk..Tsk... Another Human Carpet DESTROYED! WARNING XXXTREME CRUELTY!

    Tsk..Tsk... Another Human Carpet DESTROYED! WARNING XXXTREME CRUELTY! FREE 5 min clip Free clip Below I've recently retired my human RUG and looking for new carpets to tread. Watch the example where I trample it, cave IT's fucking back in with my stilettos as IT begs for mercy. I bet next...
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    Candy Apple Toes 4 Breakfast Lunch & Dinner

    I granted my unworthy pet an opportunity to service my pretty thick caramel feet. Once I exposed my CANDY APPLE RED polish I could see him rise as I teased his tongue with the tips of my toes... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vaMeQHYJZ4k Destroi
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    POV,Giantess,Femme Domme, Long Toenails,Foot Worship-Photo Slide Show

    I'm relocating to LA NEXT WEEK to prepare to settle in before FILM School begins. Slide show_Included is a nice collection of my most recent FOOT Shoots and announcing my arrival to LA. Enjoy, (Accepting Personal SLave/Video Applications in the Los Angeles Area) APPLY @...