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    Facesat by a teacher

    Content deleted for inferred under 18 content. bfrug (moderator)
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    Last time in Edinburgh and Manchester

    Hi there gents, I'll be coming to Edinburgh for a couple of days from the afternoon of the 2nd August until the morning of the 4th, then it's down to Manchester from the afternoon of the 4th until the morning of the 8th. The 4th & the 6th is fully booked, but I still have availability for...
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    My days are numbered at Victoria.

    Hi gents, Just to inform you that due to my landlady moving house I'll soon have to give up my incall facilities. My last working day there will be 3rd June. Fred, I'll always have happy memories of our time in Victoria. I'm hoping to find another incall place in Central London soon, but if...
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    Lady Keisha in Manchester

    Lady Keisha will be in Manchester this weekend. 14th May and 15 May. If you wish to make a booking email me Miss me miss out! I look forward to punishing you.