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    Boosters GTS, BE, Tentacles and more!

    Boosters is now available here: Go Boosters go! The school has been overrun by girl happy aliens! All seems lost until 4 students stumble upon a way to fight back! Dom, Anne(nerdy girl in glasses), Trish(ditzy blonde) and Kelly(short tempered red head)...
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    Awesome facesitting manga

    Hey guys just thought you'd like this, if anybody could translate it I'd be eternally grateful but what an awesome scenario to find yourself in :)
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    Illustrated stories about barefooted karate girls

    Hello friends here is a site where you can find comic strips of karate girls (all barefooted fights, some mixed fights... yes I know many of you already knows this site but others not). All the girls are kicking mercilessly and barefooted: I hope you enjoy...